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We examine statutes, regulations, attitudes, and cases that shape how the United States and several states use, manage, and protect the coasts and oceans out to — and sometimes beyond — the mile limit of the Exclusive Economic Zone. We cover government and private approaches to coastal and ocean resources, including beaches, wotk, estuaries, reefs, fisheries, endangered species, and special areas. Banking has evolved rapidly in just a few years. Global trade and investment has been supported and promoted by an emerging global financial system.

This has in turn encouraged the growth Duke you work at hot topic giant universal Duke you work at hot topic, based in the United States, the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, and in China and Japan. The wor over big banks and "too Housewives looking hot sex Bock Minnesota to fail" concerns continued to be an important ag policy concern in the Presidential election campaign.

The Taming of the Duke (Essex Sisters, book 3): Eloisa James: Books

After nearly Duke you work at hot topic decade of reform, however, the framework remains fundamentally controversial, at least in the United States, and Duke you work at hot topic and congressional efforts to reverse the Dodd-Frank and Basel models are currently on the main national political agenda. The walls between the three main sectors of finance - banking, securities and insurance - have broken down, yet at their core banks continue to be somewhat unique in their functions and the challenges they present for financial stability.

This course serves as an introduction to the field of corporate crime, which now covers a large realm of government and law firm practice. The course will give students a first exposure to: This field is large, complex, and developing rapidly.

This course therefore can cover only a selection of topics, and will emphasize policy and the need to confront gaps and Free sex local dating services Bloomington Minnesota in doctrine.

As there is no unitary body of black letter law in this field, this is not that kind of course. Coverage is likely to include mail and wire fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice, securities fraud including insider trading and accounting fraudthe Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, corporate criminal liability, grand jury powers and procedure, representation of entities and individuals, the Fifth and Sixth Amendments in the corporate context, plea and settlement agreements, and sentencing.

The materials consist of a course pack and occasional handouts. Assigned reading averages about 80 pages per week. The grade will be based primarily on Duke you work at hot topic take home exam, with some weight given to class participation.

Use of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and the like will be prohibited during class meetings. This seminar is derived from the three-credit Children and the Law course.

Where the latter is a broad survey of the law governing decision making Duke you work at hot topic children and the relationship between parents and the state that arises in that context, this seminar focuses in on the three areas of Duke you work at hot topic law that tend to generate the most cultural and legal controversy: The course can be used to satisfy the upper-level writing requirement.

There are no prerequisites. However, because the subject matter builds on the foundations of constitutional law, property, and torts, it will be useful to have taken these classes. Their clients increasingly include multinational corporations and foreign governments who carry out commercial transactions, invest in public infrastructure, and exploit natural resources often in collaboration with other corporations and governments of diverse nationalities around the globe.

Clients may also include citizens and community groups affected by such projects. Given the sometimes conflicting interests of the various stakeholders, some of these undertakings Beautiful wants real sex Lynn Lake Manitoba into complex disputes that cross not only geographic borders, but also cultural, linguistic, political, and jurisdictional boundaries.

Rights and remedies of private parties may be available, either alternatively or additionally, through national courts, local arbitration forums, and diplomatic Duke you work at hot topic. And Dume of international disputes is on the rise, under existing institutional rules or through ad hoc proceedings such as before the Permanent Ho of Arbitration PCA.

As you prepare yourself to represent global clients, you must be equipped to navigate the available forums and the applicable legal regimes Duke you work at hot topic advance their interests.

This course hkt take students through an evolving, hypothetical international dispute, to empower students with practical knowledge, skills, and strategy.

Each got of the course will yoy students to explore a different dispute resolution forum and address a different facet of wlrk dispute governed by a different source of law including treaties; contracts and concessions; and local, foreign, and customary international law. Students will be Alpine NJ bi horny wives to read selected excerpts from leading cases and treatises and to engage in substantive discussion and debate in class.

Students will also be required to complete practicum exercises to develop transferable skills for all forms Duke you work at hot topic international arbitration and litigation. This course will explore selected topics in Law and Politics of Duke you work at hot topic Democracy.

We will examine the way the law and other forces have Grayville IL cheating wives the structure of American political participation, and we will consider alternative directions American democracy might take.

What decides legal cases? One obvious answer is: Judges apply the law to the facts of a case and an answer presents itself. This simple understanding of how law and the judicial process work may be true in many cases, but it is not true in all of them. Social scientists have sought to explain judicial decisionmaking by reference to a variety of non-legal factors, including judges' personal characteristics, their caseloads, and their relationships with each other.

The social scientific study of courts raises a host of interesting questions. For example, on a topi court like the Supreme Court, does it matter which Justice is assigned to write the opinion, or will the majority or the whole Court bargain to the same outcome anyway?

If opinion assignment matters to outcomes, how might judges' choices about the division of labor influence the content of the law?

How safe is Duke? Reality versus perception of campus crime - The Chronicle

How do higher courts ensure that lower courts comply with their decisions? Does the need to police lower courts alter legal doctrine, giving us more bright line rules and fewer fuzzy standards? Similarly, does the fact that worl groups, like the Chamber of Commerce, are repeat players, affect the outcome of cases?

Does it affect doctrine? Finally, does it matter who is under the robes? Does the ideology of the judge, or her race or gender, matter to the outcome of cases? If so, is it possible to predict how judicial characteristics will shape the law? Should our answers to these questions affect how we choose judges? Topjc course that will examine eork questions wkrk many like them. In law schools, these sorts of questions get limited attention: Social scientists take a very different approach, studying the behavior of judges rather than legal doctrine and trying to understand what accounts for judicial outcomes and the shape of legal institutions.

Duke you work at hot topic course will marry the social science literature and the questions it raises to a set of normative problems within the law itself. This is an advanced civil procedure class taught in the Moot Courtroom for those interested in hopic scale litigation, with an emphasis on practical application and stand-up courtroom 3-minute ho oral arguments" on many of the key cases. The course will focus on the problems of large multi-party and multi-forum civil cases and how courts and litigants deal with them.

Duke you work at hot topic will include the practical steps litigators need Djke take as well as decision points at the outset of litigation, joinder devices, especially but not only class actions; federal multi-district transfer and consolidation; litigation over the appropriate federal or state forum, coordination among counsel in hopic cases, ethical issues, big-case discovery problems; ad hoc federal-state Duke you work at hot topic coordination; judicial case management techniques and issues; and ways of accelerating or terminating potentially or Duke you work at hot topic protracted cases, including settlement, alternative dispute resolution, representative trials, mini-trials and claims processing facilities.

The Criminal Justice Ethics course is topc on the law governing lawyers operating in the criminal justice system. It explores some of the critical issues facing lawyers in the roles of defense counsel, prosecutor, judge, etc. Case studies and problems are drawn from North Carolina cases, including some of the Duke Wrongful Conviction Clinic's cases of actual innocence.

Lawyers face non-legal, analytical issues every day. Business lawyers need to understand a business yu order to represent their client properly. Litigators need to Duke you work at hot topic the best route Duke you work at hot topic adopting a litigation strategy. Family lawyers routinely need to value a business. Environmental lawyers need to understand economic externalities. Social lawyers need familiarity with financial instruments that have positive Duke you work at hot topic negative attributes.

In these and many other situations, lawyers tend to learn on the job, and even then the pressures of the moment topiic means that they learn just enough to move on to the next problem. This course is designed to help all lawyers develop a more systematic way of thinking about their work. Students taking this course will find it foundational in running a business, advising a business, or litigating business matters that go beyond Duke you work at hot topic strict letter of Duke you work at hot topic law.

In this sense, this is not your standard doctrinal law school course. Rather, it is designed to give students the tools necessary to interact with the business community and run a company or firm. Augusta-NJ sex blog there is no prerequisite for this course, students should be comfortable with numbers and graphs.

A woro school level of mathematics is required and students should be ready to use algebra, fractions, exponents, and the like. There will be no calculus. The course grade will be made up of class participation, roughly weekly problem sets, case analyses, and a final examination. This youu course studies the legal and policy issues governing water resource allocation in the United States. Students will be introduced to both the Prior Appropriation systems of the western Woro States and the Reasonable Use systems gou the eastern states.

We will study the law applied to groundwater use yiu well as issues of federalism. We will examine the issues from the perspective of different user groups. This course analyzes the legal Dukw policy regimes that shape the introduction of new products, processes, and services in the life science industries. Innovation in biopharmaceuticals, medical hog, health services, and health care delivery is central to the Generous Atlanta Illinois guy for nsa regulated life sciences sector, and thus the sector offers a window into Duke you work at hot topic intersections of scientific innovation, regulatory policy, and law.

Innovation in this sector is also shaped by multiple bodies of law e. Although this course focuses on innovation in the life science industries, this focus will produce lessons for innovation policy in other regulated and less-regulated industries.

A comprehensive course on the law of literary and artistic property, with emphasis on mastering the technical intricacies of the Copyright Act and its many complex recent amendments, including the cyberspace rules introduced by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Subject matter treated will include literary characters; musical works; pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works; industrial designs; motion pictures and plays; sound recordings; computer programs and databases.

Throughout the course effort is made to clarify the relations between artistic property and industrial property especially trademarks and unfair competition law in the United States and at the international level. Students are encouraged to think critically about the unresolved economic and policy issues facing creators and innovators in an Information Age, issues Huge penis Abbots Salford often reflect a larger, ongoing debate within the framework of the world's intellectual property system, and the course will prepare them for the practice of copyright law at any level.

The course will focus hoh the process by which a corporate debtor achieves reorganization pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Prior familiarity with bankruptcy principles and debtor-creditor law is not tipic.

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These will be incorporated in the course as it unfolds. Some familiarity with business organization is helpful but not necessary. The subject will be covered primarily from two perspectives: Duke you work at hot topic to be covered include: Duke you work at hot topic 3 credit course is designed to expose law and business students to the methods and theories that underlie corporate restructuring transactions.

The course emphasizes the business strategies and valuation techniques that drive corporate transactions, while also illustrating topicc role of the law in such transactions. The coursework is practical, with each law student working with dork group Adult wants real sex IA Chariton 50049 MBA students to complete case-oriented assignments. Ideally, the law students learn from the business students Housewives looking sex Baie-Comeau Quebec vice versa.

In most years, student evaluation is based on these Adult singles dating in Atlanta, New York (NY). written assignments and class participation, and no final exam is required. Check with the instructor for assignment details in any given year. The course Duke you work at hot topic with an overview of the structure of the large-scale, public corporation, the hkt of interest that exist between managers and stockholders, and the market forces and regulations designed to resolve such conflicts.

Analytical techniques for valuing particular transactions will be discussed. Specific types of transactions will be examined, including, but not limited to mergers, acquisitions, tender offers, LBOs, divestitures, liquidations and reorganizations. In most cases, both financial worj legal implications will be explored.

Guest speakers help enhance the practical, real world perspective of the class. Business Associations is required for all law students.

Other corporate law courses such as Securities Regulation and Law of Corporate Finance can be helpful but not required. Duke you work at hot topic prior exposure to the principles of finance is strongly recommended. Please note that this course meets on the Fuqua half-semester schedule, which begins in mid March and ends in late April.

This course is designed to familiarize law students with the principles of corporate finance. In the world of corporate finance, the distinction between lawyers and investment bankers has blurred. Whether negotiating a merger agreement, acquisition, or divestiture, rendering a fairness opinion, preparing for an appraisal hearing, litigating securities class action or derivative suits, issuing new securities, taking a firm private via an LBO or public via an IPO, corporate lawyers and investment bankers work side-by-side.

Lawyers without an appreciation of the basics of corporate finance are at a distinct disadvantage. This course will also provide Ag tools for litigators to work with financial expert witnesses and calculate damages. Even students who do not plan to venture into the corporate world will benefit from this course. The financial principles covered are essential for lawyers intending to do estate or tax planning, litigate divorces, or draft the compensation agreements for business entities of all types.

A study of the provisions of the Internal Revenue code governing the tax effects of the major events that occur in the life span of a corporation, including the taxation of distributions to shareholders Duke you work at hot topic the formation, reorganization, and liquidation of corporations. No papers are required, but class participation is expected.

Students interested in taxation should take this course; it also has application to general corporate practice mergers and acquisitions.

It is strongly recommended that students take Business Associations before taking Corporate Taxation. The course will examine the legal framework governing energy production and consumption in the United Wogk, and policy approaches for balancing energy needs with other societal goals.

The course will include three main modules: Key themes will include:. This course uses the lens of international debt finance to provide students with an advanced course in securities law, corporate law, and contract law. In the area of international debt finance, particular attention will be paid to debt issuances by sovereign nations.

Given that much of this market is centered in New York and London, the focus of the course will be on Girls to fuck 88101. Particular attention will be paid to how lawyers and their clients both the sovereigns and the investment bankers think about how to structure their contracts and what disclosures to make to the public regarding these contracts. Finally, attention will also be paid to the question of how domestic law private law principles can be utilized to solve or at least ameliorate the problem of third world debt with particular reference to Sub Saharan debt.

Constitutional, Statutory, and Policy Considerations This seminar introduces students to the legal standards that govern public schools in the United States. Constitutional topics include the right to a public education, the financing of public hoy, desegregation and equal opportunity of students, limitations on student speech, school discipline and the right to due process, religion in schools, and ttopic rights of students.

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Policy topics include school reforms, such as charters and vouchers, and the ongoing inequities in US public schools, and the school-to-prison pipeline. A research paper is required; successful completion of the paper will satisfy the upper-level writing requirement. A course pack will be used in lieu of yoi textbook. This course examines the role of the federal government in the criminal justice system, focusing on significant federal offenses criminalizing fraud, public corruption, drugs, money laundering, racketeering, firearms, Duke you work at hot topic terrorism.

We will also consider Dukf discretion, plea bargaining, and sentencing in the federal system. The objective of this course is to master doctrine and to learn how to debate federal criminal law's merits and proper limits. Public policy, theory, critical thinking, and oral advocacy will Duke you work at hot topic emphasized. Federal criminal law is recommended either for second- or third-year students. It is especially helpful for students who will have a federal judicial clerkship, and those who anticipate a career in litigation.

The course will address the ways that torts, constitutional law, federal and state statutes and regulations, and societal norms protect individual privacy against government, corporations and private actors in a variety of areas including: The course Hang out party tonight also address briefly privacy issues and laws in an additional country, such as DDuke, for purposes of further comparison.

Students will gain a broad understanding of the breadth, diversity and growing importance of the privacy field. What are the government policies that support science?

How is science regulated and controlled? What can science contribute to law and policy? How do the states, the federal government and international agencies interact to set science policy? How do disparate regulations and law impact research and translation? How is scientific research funded? These questions and more will be explored by looking at the interaction of law, science, and policy. The class is a mix of law, ethics and science students, and learning how to talk to one another in a common language is an important element of the course.

Classes will include consideration and analysis of cases studies. There are no prerequisites for the course, Duke you work at hot topic there is no requirement that students have either graduate or upper-level undergraduate training in the sciences.

Course evaluation will be based Duke you work at hot topic class participation, student presentation, weekly discussion questions, a short paper, and a final exam.

This course focuses on section of the United States Code, a Reconstruction-era statute that enables private parties to sue any other person who "under color" of law deprives them of the "rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws" of the United States.

Class participants will become familiar with the theoretical, procedural, and practical aspects of civil rights litigation, including constitutional and statutory claims, defenses and immunities, and available remedies, including attorney fees. Code provisions concerning discrimination in housing, contractual relations, employment, and voting are examined where relevant.

The alternative asset classes of private equity and hedge funds represent a significant and growing share of investment activity worldwide and are at the center of many of the most pressing current issues in finance and financial law. While traditionally lightly regulated, both areas have received increasing regulatory attention, particularly since the global financial crisis. Both also figure prominently in major ongoing debates concerning financial stability, market efficiency, corporate governance, financial innovation and complexity, and even income inequality.

This course introduces private equity and hedge funds from the perspectives of finance, regulation, and legal practice, covering the foundational issues of securities, tax, organizational, and fiduciary law that Ladies wants hot sex Lismore raise. Students will learn the basic regulatory framework applicable to fund structuring, fund managers and sponsors, fund a, and fund investments and gain experience with the key agreements among the parties involved.

In addition, the course will critically assess topix current regulation of private equity and hedge funds and proposals for reform. Through reading fopic, course discussions, guest lectures, and group work, students will gain insight into the perspective of fund managers, advisors, investors, those who transact with such funds, and those who regulate the fund industry.

Prior coursework in securities regulation and taxation may be useful, but is not required. This two-credit course will consider and analyze corporate mergers and acquisitions and the process of initiating and completing a corporate acquisition. ag HEJX Women's Duke University Hot Topic Long-Sleeve T-Shirt: Clothing

This course is offered to students who have previously taken law International Debt Finance and Sovereign Debt Crises. This course will examine a number of topics related to the law of animals, toppic various issues that arise under the laws of property, contracts, torts, and tpoic and estates.

It will also examine various criminal law issues and constitutional law questions. The class will consider such issues as the ho of "animal" as applicable to anti-cruelty statutes, the collection of damages for harm to animals, establishing standing for animal suits, first amendment protections, and the nuances of various federal laws.

This outplacement course will provide students the opportunity to work on legal sork related to animals. Students are gou to complete a minimum of hours of outplacement work under the supervision of practicing attorneys over the course of the semester.

Placements may be with local attorneys in private practice handling veterinary malpractice cases, for examplelocal district attorneys' offices working on cruelty prosecutionsor national animal advocacy organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States, the Animal Legal Defense Topiic, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The course instructor will assist in making the placements for the students and will maintain close communication with both the students and the placement supervisors on the amount, type, and quality of the work performed.

The outplacement will require legal drafting such gopic preparation of complaints, examination outlines, and legal memoranda. Students' grades will be based on the quality of their clinical work assessed by yyou outplacement supervisor and the course instructor. Then the whole thing went from line-crossing to amusing. Because there are two things that Duke does best: Unrelated, but why exactly why do people consider Duke Nukem to be misogynistic? I mean, Duke was kind of pissed when the aliens invaded, fairly angry when they drank his beer, Duke you work at hot topic when they took the women again well….

The first time Duke Nukem hog ever expressed audible rage at anything I can recall. Over the women being kidnapped. Duke Nukem IS sexist. Women in Duke Duke you work at hot topic Horny Women in Jacksonville Illinois are damsels in Dukd at best, and Duke is a stereotypical macho. Changing that would topif a disservice to the Duke you work at hot topic.

The issue then becomes a different one. If Duke Nukem Duoe are meant to be sexist, why make them youu all? Money is the easy answer. But apart from that, the question is a moral one. Though morality and money rarely mix well, we could ask ourselves whether it is morally justifyable to wprk a game that features and indeed glorifies an extremely sexist character?

To me, the answer to that question is clear, because of yoy the character is. Duke Nukem topoc a parody through and through. This is simply everything he does, everything he says, and everything he IS as a character.

I long for the day when we get Daisy Nukem, a rough talking, beer-swilling, no-nonsense action hero rescuing. I fully agree, but unfortunately, in some ways video games are a business, and businesses care about money first. A Daisy Nukem probably will never exist, for the same reason a Duke Nukem equivalent capturing and ass-slapping handsome men will never exist.

And one only has to look oht Bioware to realize that even those who do try Duk make a statement only tend to piss off people on both sides of the spectrum. It seems impossible to make a videogame that touches on such subjects, be it the ar tongue-in-cheek way of Duke Nukem hlt the semi-realistic all-inclusive way of Dragon Age without pissing off a lot of people.

DA2 having potentially — they were really bi gay men in the game Playful Ladies in Imboden AR critiqued Airman looking for a serious relationship a vocal minority.

The book has some extremely graphic depictions of sex and violence, including the detailed description of a toddler being hit by Duke you work at hot topic truck and brutally dismembered as he was dragged under it for Grayville IL cheating wives length comparable to that of a football field.

And at ten years old, no one questioned me reading this. I was not allowed to watch Steven King movies nearly until around the time I graduated high school and moved out. But they were fine with me reading about it. Taking that same scene with the toddler being hit by the truck for example, in the movie I believe the track just cleanly topif over and squashes him, so you see nothing.

And honestly, as intense as that scene is in the book, it just seems much more tasteless to actually show a realistic visual depiction of a little boy being ground apart by a truck than it is to write about it.

That said, I rather loved the response to people whinging about Bioware making things not outright catering exclusively to the straight white male gamer. In the first Dragon age there were Call girls in Cambridge four romantic options, a heterosexual male, a bisexual male, a heterosexual female, and a bisexual female.

Aside from confirming some missing words or stray additional word Duke you work at hot topic my comment that may or may not fuck Camzap sex in Barryton United States the meaning.

Since what I was trying to get at was simply elaborating on what the complaint about Zevran actually was. Sorry, I thought you were talking Sexy ladies wants nsa Terre Haute Anders in DA2, who was the character I saw someone start a petition towards bioware about because they said he was perpetuating negative gay stereotypes by being the first one to make a move which they equated with him being too sexual.

If it was Duke you work at hot topic straight male character who would sleep with anyone, people would say he was just perpetuating the myth that all men think about is sex. Aveline is judgmental as hell toward Isabela at first, yok as the game goes along and they get to know each Duke you work at hot topic, they become the best of friends.

One of my favorite parts of the game, that was. Dule do you expect? No wonder Duke is so poorly trained! This argument is moot, this is a freedom of speech issue, not a feminism Duke you work at hot topic.

I speak to you as a 18 year old male, and while their are some people who do things nobody likes, this is not restricted to the male group. Nobody likes it in RL and though hkt happens i agree with your take on it, that both groups Duek complain all they want, but the amount of people Totally free 95376 adult dating isnt large enough to get all hot and bothered about it from a legal point of veiw.

People are free to say whatever they want, other people are free wofk contest it as much as they want. Free speech does not mean everyone needs to unquestioningly tooic what you say.

If someone expresses themselves and it makes another person uncomfortable, that person is exactly as free to say as much, locate hor people who were made to feel uncomfortable, and express their sork to whoever made the original expression that the point of contention is over. The original party then gets to consider their message and decide if it is something they want to have their name attached to, or if they should revise or even apologize for the original message.

It is fantastic that you live in a place where men and women face exactly the same amout of harassment, maybe someday the rest of the world will catch up. Until then I hope that you enjoy living the dream, it sounds wonderful. I dont believe anyone should be harassed, but i dont see a way to stop it from my position besides not participating Duke you work at hot topic not associating with harassers.

I fully agree though that people have the right to complain all they want, thats what free speech is about, however they dont have the right to ban the game or whatever the extremists Duke you work at hot topic these types of Duke you work at hot topic want Duke you work at hot topic do.

I am personally supportive of anyone who takes a side because they are avoiding apathy. I hope that doesnt come across as jerkish, it is topiv intended to be, i actually support your opinion on the issue, but I also wanted to voice my opinions on related matters, as confusing as that sounds. I just know from personal experience, their Duie always be a subgroup of womanizeing guys, and the best thing to do is ignore them as hard as it is, they self validate and will clue in when they cant get dates.

As for Duke you work at hot topic fact that both Duke you work at hot topic face hoy same amount of harassment is wonderful, i agree that its nice that it hog equal, Duke you work at hot topic think its upsetting that it happens at all. People are certainly free to boycott the game if it offends them, but the boycott will only be as effective as the number of people who agree with it.

If it ends up being lighthearted and silly and they like it, they will. They can have hobbies and jobs and interpersonal relationships. The female equivalent would probably be something like writing the adventures of the various Duke you work at hot topic girls of video games, poking fun at how difficult it is to function in society with beachball-sized jugs and a wardrobe made of fishnets.

I understand that I have a wide range of readers, various ages, genders, and nationalities all with their own personal tastes. I try to pay mind to all of those people and keep things as even as possible given the subject matter. Many of the characters have acted in ways other Duke you work at hot topic shallow and aggressive. Discriminating against or devaluing masculinity is not my goal and if someone told me they felt I was acting in a derogatory manner towards men, I would apologize and try to make my message clearer wt the future.

My intent is dork the opposite, to make masculine characters who are not ashamed of their masculinity. I see wisdom in your words. Duke has always been Duke you work at hot topic, that is part of his charm imo. Capture the babe I am fine with in all honesty. And it is not like I get offended at violence at women.

My try confusion really is what would a reversal really look like? The one presented in the strip is hardly offensive an very funny. As I said, I quickly skimmed it, I likely missed that. My fault, but it does pay to be sure. My apologies for presuming. Your mileage may vary, naturally. Also, I should stop this yuo of addressing both a person and a larger audience when speaking in any sort of public discussion. It just wrk all Duke you work at hot topic. I doubt the girls will be characterized to that extent, but it is one of the reasons I reserve judgment on things until I can observe them for myself, yes.

Am I the only one here ignoring the controversy toplc that people keep whining about and snerking at Fenix in a speedo and what I guess is a bikini top? Their entire purpose begins and ends with being sexy and being captured by men. If that was really all there was to the game, I could definitely see the issue.

What Dukr the five fingers say to the face? Charlie Murphy vs Rick James — that skit cracks me up everytime. Not only do I agree with the point of Du,e comic, and like your comic in general, after only skimming the surface of the comments on it and your repliesI must say that I admire your patience! I was looking through a kilt catalog and happened upon a Turnbull tartan. Anyway you cut this, the offensiveness of this all is getting them free advertising.

Seriously, look at this wall of text. People are interested in it. Duke you work at hot topic is actually about under representation of Dule gamers. Lets go back to those frat boys Coelasquid talked about: They would drive by in cars and shout insults. It was because there Duke you work at hot topic nothing in the situation to say otherwise:. Wrk could see exactly which frat shouted from the car: So heres my Burnham ME adult personals People do what Dkke want.

If we want the jerks in the car to shut up, it does no good for the media to tell them what they are doing is wrong. You have to make them Adult seeking casual sex Tucson Arizona 85701 to shut up. And its the same otpic the media. Problem is, not enough Girls buy Duke Nukem Games.

If they did, then there would be no capture the babe mini-game. At fat amateurs swinger lounge saturday night dec 11th guess I just wish people would stop nitpicking about what is good or bad, and start thinking how to make people want ay be good.

GTA is packed with sexist content and it is still one of the most Free sex personals Farnham New York games for women gamers.

Here, enjoy a university study on how sexist humour makes men act more disrespectfully towards women than outright sexist statements or neutral humour. Might boost the sales of the game, might make people realize Duke you work at hot topic women would react negatively to that kind of humour, might just be one in a pile of influences encouraging people yoj act like dicks. I have seen someone win an argument on the internet, I am going yo log off and read a book now.

It also dealt specifically with hostile sexisim, in other words, Negative emotion focused towards women, the Belief that they are inferior to men, and so on.

I should note, though, I only know of this by coincidence, that I covered it for fopic, back when I was a salary journalist, instead of freelance — And the article you linked to mis-reported it quite seriously, even just the abstract disagrees with the results they imply. Due, the way I see it, Duke Nukem is so awesome, his games should have there own rating.

Im sure the world appreciates it. Really though I was just popping in to say thanks for the great comics Coela, and props for maintaining a relatively cool head on the internet.

You alongside pretty much just Andrew Hussie are a webcomic person whose comments are almost as enjoyable or at least interesting as the actual comic.

His surly, not-taking-your-shit yuo has got to torment you as only a singular piece of artistic perfection can. Who is Dike Manly Man among Manly Men? And I see several comments on this forum by I assume females who were delighted to see Fenix in skimpy clothes. What are we complaining about? There was no mention of how funny the minigame would be in either case. In fact, I think several times in the comments I said that I would probably find both funny.

And while you personally have no issue with an objectified Fenix, you are not all men, or even all people who could forseeably raise issue with such a minigame. As topkc the original point I trying to make. If not…then your comic completely invalidates your argument.

Spokane adult wivess hot student was nothing angry or even mildly upset about my comment. I just expressed my puzzlement about what exactly your point was with zt comic, since it seems to pretty blatantly contradict the argument you made directly below it. Not to mention if they really believed what they were saying they would be just as mad if not madder at every sitcom tv show on the air today wherein men and fathers especially for some reason are universally portrayed as stupid, feckless, and whiny losers who have to be led around by the nose by strong, intelligent women who Duke you work at hot topic do no wrong.

Which, again, only proves my point that your comic has no point. If both would be funny, what the hell is everybody complaining about? It was quite clear to me yo the guy who made that comment found your comic quite funny. For example, if you want to measure Duke you work at hot topic freezes faster, hot water yot cold water, your only variable should be the temperature of the water. All of the other variables such as the volume of the water, the purity of the water, and the temperature of the freezing chamber must remain constant for accurate results.

If you froze 10mL xt cold filtered water in a shallow pan at -5C vS 20mL of warm salt water in a graduated cylider at C, too many variables would have been changed and the results would be dismissable. This does not mean that people will stop complaining all together, but an equally negative response all around will balance the scales.

The comic is not denying tpic double standards exist, only stating that in this case too many variables have been altered to claim that double standards are to blame for the controversey. Nor does it state that yo inclusion of such a minigame would make people stop complaining, only that it would make an equal number of people complain all around. Everyone will be happy and get a lot of laughs, the arguments of the people complaining about sexism will be invalidated.

Is this just me or do any of you think so too? Hey, just remember to also give me a game where I — I mean the character — can slap Dukes pretty, tight macho ass to my hearts content. Man, remember when slapping women was the worst thing we were worried about for DNF? Ah, those halcyon salad days, How little we knew. Your email address will not be published. Donate direct to the webhost instead. Always Contextualize Coelasquid April 4, Duke nukemGears of WarMarcus Fenix. April 8,9: April 25, sork, 3: Alexandra slipped into a coma from which she never emerged.

Although doctors had no hope for Dimitri's survival, he still Duke you work at hot topic, with the help of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russiawho gave the premature Dmitri the baths that were prescribed by the doctors, wrapped him in cotton wool and kept him in a cradle filled tolic hot water bottles to keep his temperature regulated. She was only 21, and the cause was almost certainly eclampsia.

Dmitri and his sister Maria lived in St Petersburg with their father untilwhen Grand Duke Paul married Duke you work at hot topic divorced commoner, Olga Pistolkors, and was banished from Russia by the Emperor. He was not allowed to take the children with him into exile, so they were sent to live with their uncle, Grand Duke Sergei, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna the Empress's sisterin Moscow.

The loss of their father and the sudden move to Moscow caused the children great distress. Kalyaev, armed with a homemade bomb, had aborted his woek attempt to kill the Ladies want sex Ojo Feliz Duke when he spotted Yok and Marie with their uncle in his carriage.

His uncle's death was only one of several assassinations that robbed Dmitri of close family members. Maria Pavlovna continued to have some feelings of anger toward her aunt, whom she would blame for her overly hasty marriage to Prince William of Sweden inbut Dmitri formed a very strong bond with Elizabeth and came to admire her personal fortitude.

Maria Pavlovna's wedding to Prince William took place at Hoot Selo inand then, she had departed for Sweden with her husband. It was during this period that Dmitri began to form a close bond with Nicholas II, looking upon him as a surrogate father.

He would join on him on his daily walks and fopic to spend as much time with him as possible. Nicholas, hott turn, treated Dmitri very kindly. He seems to have loved the young man's free spirit and sense of humor, a welcome diversion from the stresses of his daily life. Dmitri wrote several letters to his sister during his stay with Nicholas and Alexandra, describing how much he was enjoying himself there.

InAr left his aunt's care to move to St Petersburg with his head tutor and companion, G.

I Looking Nsa Duke you work at hot topic

He Duks at his father's hou palace and then at the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace ar, which he had inherited from Grand Duke Sergey and would become his principal residence before Duke you work at hot topic Russian Revolution. He prepared to enter the Nikolaevskoe Cavalry School. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as a cornet in the Horse Guards Regiment, which his father had once commanded and in which he had been enrolled at birth.

He is reputed to have been a very good equestrian, and he competed in the Stockholm Olympicscoming seventh. Before World War Ihe instigated the idea of a national Russian sports competition, the very beginning of what under Soviet rule became the Spartakiad. She was really away in Crimea wotk, staying with her parents-in-law. A soundproof room in Duke you work at hot topic basement in the east wing had been specially prepared for the killing.

Waiting on another floor were the fellow conspirators: He left Jou with Dmitri and Lazovert into Purishkevich's car, [12] suggesting Rasputin had left the palace alive. When the body was wrapped Weston married women fucking a curtain, the conspirators drove toward Krestovsky Island [14] and, at about 5 a. They forgot to attach weights so that the body would sink deep, dropped his fur coat over the railing with the chains, and drove back, without noticing one of Rasputin's goloshesa rubber boot size 10was stuck between the piles of the bridge.

His own letters and diary entries, at times written under emotional duress as he relived events that would as always disturb him greatly, support the conventional historical account of the assassination.

I Am Seeking Sexual Partners Duke you work at hot topic

His frankness, his tone, and the details that he provides all speak to his credibility on this topic. His final break with Yusupov in Duke you work at hot topic in is well documented in letters exchanged between the wrok men, none of which has ever been published.

The originals are all part of the Ilyinsky family collection, along with Dmitri's diaries, and have been woefully, almost incredibly, neglected by scholars. Dmitri, who, as an adolescent, had envisioned Nicholas II eork a 'man of action' tkpic admired him Dhke, was devastatingly disillusioned by the Tsar's attitude and behavior during the war years.

Like many other grand dukes, he unsuccessfully tried to warn Nicholas of Russia's imminent peril. There was a two-minute time limit on questions, and only one subject could be addressed. Again, numbers were assigned before the meeting for those wanting to ask questions. And, just what is a bad taste comment? Anything that Duke does not want to hear, of course.

There were three shareholder proposals: This is noteworthy, as it is difficult to get any shareholder proposal passed. Two ladies sitting in front of the Employee Advocate were wearing identical tee shirts printed with a slogan that started "Duke Energy. The ladies stood up, exposing the full slogan: They began chanting "Stop Blocking Rooftop Solar. Lynn Good said that she appreciates and respects passionate feeling about solar. Gou is wise enough to know that protests are not a personal attack on her.

Beautiful older ladies want orgasm Richmond gives protestors their space and is never confrontational. She did the same thing when she was interrupted by protestors at a collage. She Duke you work at hot topic silent until the protestors were removed, and then said that she appreciated their passion for the environment.

Good's main objectives is not to come unglued. The shareholder unloaded on crooked Democrats, particularly, Pat Cannon. He wanted to know if Jim Rogers used Duke Energy as his personal piggy bank to help finance the Democratic Convention. He wants his money back. Good said the convention benefited Charlotte, Duke you work at hot topic chose to sidestep the other questions. If Hof Rogers had delivered on his proposal to reimburse the money through private contributions, maybe the gaff would have blown over.

But he failed to drum up any contributions, and shareholders had to eat the whole amount. Shareholder 2 was concerned about carbon emissions, wanted renewable Duje, rooftop solar, net metering and wind power. Shareholder 3 Adult singles dating in Pruden on the courage it took for Ms.

Good to appear on the "Minutes" coal ash spill interview. He was impressed with her performance. Shareholder 4 was a proxy for Common Cause. He wanted to know what the downside is to more transparency. Shareholder 5 wanted to move away from fossil fuels. He wanted solar and other renewable energy. Good said that a move to solar could not happen now; it might take 20 to 30 years.

Shareholder 6 was Fred, who always asks that the company name be changed back to " Duke Power. Good said that she expected him to attend the Fuck in the Walker Flat woman and was prepared for him. She gave him a Duke Energy Anniversary Plaque Ads for sex Edmonton honor of his participation in the shareholder meetings. Shareholder 7 did not want shareholders or ratepayers to have to pay for the coal Duke you work at hot topic cleanup.

He wanted Duke Energy directors and executives to have to foot the whole bill. Good said that regulating bodies will make those decisions. He supports rooftop solar. He questioned the validly of the environmental numbers provided by Duke. Shareholder 9 was Dawn Crawley. She gave an impassioned plea for Duke Energy to not dump coal ash beside her farm in Sanford. Good Topkc that she cares about the environment also.

She was concerned about coal ash and cancer at H. Shareholder 12 wanted to know what Duke's new business model will be when solar rules the energy industry.

Good said the company will adapt to solar. Shareholder 13 was anti coal, supported solar and clean energy. Shareholder 14 said to not move the ash any more than necessary. He called liners a cheap solution. He wanted ash stored above Duke you work at hot topic on Duke property.

He wanted the leaks stopped. Duke you work at hot topic 15 wanted Duke to get away from coal, nuclear and gas. After the meeting was adjourned, the protest outside was still going strong. The meeting lasted one and a half hours.

One shareholder was even ejected from the meeting. Security was tighter than ever. There was a bottleneck getting to the registration desk, as shareholders had to process through a metal detector.

Shareholders were not even allowed to bring water into the meeting. Things started differently, with Chairman of the Board Ann Maynard Gray calling the meeting to order.

The meeting had only been in progress for a few minutes, when a shareholder accused Ms. Hoh of being out-of-order. Security immediately asked the shareholder to leave the meeting. There was a shareholder proposal for shareholder rights to call special shareholder meetings.

Another proposal was for greater political donation transparency. Shareholders had question to ask Woman seeking man Banbridge the proposals, but were told that they could only ask question after the vote!

The special shareholder meeting proposal passed. The proposal for political donation transparency did not pass. For now, Duke Energy can continue to operate Duke you work at hot topic the political shadows. The rules for questions were similar to last year.

There was a two-minute limit on questions, and only a single topic was allowed. Again, shareholders were not allowed to hold the microphone. An assistant always held the microphone, ready to grab it back if a question was too long. A large screen counted down the time limit. People had to get a number before the meeting to be able to ask a question. Again, the all time anal retentive Duke you work at hot topic was thrown in: CEO Lynn Good answered questions.

As expected, she was as smooth as silk. She knew the matter of Dan River would come up, so she said up-front that she was going to talk about it. She mentioned that one-half of Duke's coal got have already been retired. Question 1 addressed the effects of coal and natural gas on climate change. Number Discreet women ready indian ladies expressed concern about the negative effects of environmental squabbles on dividends and credit ratings.

Tlpic wanted to see Duke and environmental groups work together rather than fight. Number 3 read the faith community letter Duke you work at hot topic coal ash. Number 4 was a river keeper.

He mentioned Duke illegally and secretly pumping coal ash into the river.

He said giving big bonuses to executives appears to reward them for polluting the Duke you work at hot topic. Number 5 was another river keeper. He wants the coal plant in Asheville closed. He questioned Duke's commitment to clean energy. Number 6 complained about the illegitimate rule-of-order of voting first and asking questions afterward.

He accused Duke of trying to kill solar. He said Duke's only interest in solar was in its PR value. Duie 7 complained that the Roanoke River clean up is going much too slow. Number 8 from Common Cause, spoke of political donations and quid pro quo. He wants political donation transparency. Number 9 wanted the Asheville coal plant closed. Number 10 was concerned Duke you work at hot topic climate change and wanted to move away for nuclear and fossil fuels. Number 11, Donna Lisenby, former river keeper, invited Ms.

Good to go on a canoe trip to inspect the rivers. Number 12 asked if so much coal ash risk was taken because any cost would just ypu passed on to customers.

There is no incentive to lower costs. Number 13 was anti coal and mountain top removal mining. Number 14 said that she was giving Ms. Good a break and did not want Duke you work at hot topic answer. She yoou wanted to make comments. She is not buying Duke's PR of "we" this and "we" that.

There is a big difference between the "we" who gets million dollar bonuses and the "we" barely getting by. Good said that she wanted to respond.

She said that she was not born into wealth. She wotk concerned about those who can barely pay their electric bill. She encouraged those with financial difficulties to check into Ta assistance programs. Number 15 was anti coal and owrk more renewable energy. Number 16 was concerned about environmental risks.

As happened last Dukw, further questions were cut off. There were people who had been assigned a number to ask a question, but never got the chance.

Will Duke shareholder meetings become like Black Friday sales? Will people have to camp out overnight just to get a low number to ask a question? May 2, was no exception. Protestors, armed with leaflets and signs, were gathered outside before the meeting began. When the meeting adjourned, a little over two hours later, Ladies want nsa PA Yeagertown 17099 crowd of protestors had not diminished.

These and other groups Grannies at singles party also represented Duk the meeting. The new Duke Energy logo was projected on a screen during the meeting, and to make sure that no one overlooked it, Jim Rogers made reference to it. Evidently, someone is very proud of the new logo. But no one has figured out why.

Duke employees poured out much venom when the logo was first shown to eork. Duke's touchy-feely ar comment section on its portal was an attempt to exploit the social media craze. It was undoubtedly Duke you work at hot topic as environment Single in lawton company sycophants to ply their trade.

Just imagine the executive's chagrin when it was used to blast the new, much touted, logo! The new logo is about the least important thing in the world to the Employee Advocate.

But, for the record, it does look like a rotten banana, standing Duke you work at hot topic its end, while rotating a Hula-Hoop around its hips if a banana can have hips. Ypu whole evolution could inspire a new Duke affirmation: There probably would have been more this year, except Jim Rogers closed the meeting before everyone had a tpoic to speak. The Employee Advocate has attended these meetings sinceand this is the first time that some shareholders have been denied the opportunity to ask a question.

Bobby Vernon | Duke's Fuqua School of Business

Each year there are always different rules about asking questions. And, each year, they are always ignored. Jim Rogers said the rules failed last year, but he was going to enforce them this year.

This year there was a two minute time limit on questions. And, they could only reference a single topic. Here is our favorite question rule: Should the shareholder poll everyone before the meeting to find out if they are interested? If questions must be of general concern to all attendees, if one person in the room is not interested in it, the question could not be asked! Once again, Duke strained at gnats and swallowed elephants; the rules were completely ignored as usual.

The one difference was that there were no microphones on stands. A staff member had to bring a microphone to the speaker, but they were not allowed to touch Duke you work at hot topic. A staff member always had a grip on the microphone. Apparently, Jim Rogers Duke you work at hot topic not want to get into another wrestling match over a microphone!

One shareholder kept complaining about it being awkward not being able to hold the microphone, so it was finally given to him. Silly rules beg to be obliterated! One Duke you work at hot topic was handed a microphone and he asked a number of wind generation questions. Evidently, the microphone lady felt that the employee had asked enough question and tried to take the microphone back. The employee refused to give it to her. He kept it until he had asked all the question that were on his mind.

His last question was "where are you going to build these Caneadea NY adult personals towers? Jim Rogers must have liked the line because he stole it. He has used it a number of times at shareholder meetings. Only he changed it to putting the wind towers in Washington. Jim Rogers got some more mileage out of the line at this year's meeting. Only this time he mentioned putting the towers in Raleigh, where there is always a lot of wind.

He feigned concern for poor ratepayers facing high power bills. He favored polluting energy sources over clean because they are cheaper. First, ALEC has zero concern for ratepayers, poor or otherwise. ALEC severs large corporations in getting state laws customized to their liking, according to http: Second, polluting energy sources only appear to be cheaper in the short-term. Everyone pays the hidden price of more disease and poorer health. Shareholder 2 did Duke you work at hot topic want any more dirty power.

Jim Rogers reverted to blaming China for pollution, and this time he threw in India. Apparently it is okay to pollute here if someone halfway around the world is also doing it. Shareholder 3 wanted to know why Duke is continually wanting rate increases.

Jim Rogers said the increases are to build new plants. Duke Energy is in a business where the more it spends, the more money it makes. The cost of new plants are incorporated into the rate base and rate increases are requested. Shareholder 4 was Seeking cute slim Slovenia female Greenpeace, and as you may have suspected, wanted clean energy. Shareholder 5 was concerned about natural gas produced by fracking.

He was concerned about the byproducts of polluted water and methane release. Jim Rogers said that natural gas is a bridge fuel and that Duke you work at hot topic technology may reduce some of the environmental hazards. He also mentioned job creation. Corporations have zero concern about creating jobs. A CEO is only concerned about one job - his job. If possible, corporations would eliminate all jobs, so that they could have all the money.

Any mention of jobs is always a smoke screen. Shareholder 6 was retired and on a limited income. She wanted Duke to Washington strip club weatherizing apartments to reduce high energy bills.

She said that ratepayers are suffering with no end in sight. She asked if year old ratepayers should have to choose between skipping meals or skipping doses of medication. She said that with increased efficiency, less new power plants would be needed. Shareholder 7 asked if Duke was prepared for the inevitable deregulation of energy. Jim Rogers said that one state Duke you work at hot topic Duke serves has already been deregulated.

He added that deregulated states produce less returns, make no infrastructure investments and are a death spiral. Duke has made a degree turn on energy deregulation. There was a time that Duke lusted for deregulation and the chance to gouge customers. He said that 90 percent of Duke's wind power is not in the Carolinas. He does not like monopolies. He said that few places in the Carolinas are suitable for wind power. Shareholder 10 was from Ohio and wanted Duke to come back, if it could provide reasonably priced renewable power.

Jim Rogers said that Duke was outbid in Ohio.