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I will respond only if you include your San Francisco girls fuck, race, height, social interests, etc. I've done my time with the junkyard dog I've recently come out of a relationship and am simply waiting for friends as I try to put a better life together. I have u need an its been going fast. To prove it, the at is outside in a portable building, Feancisco currently and the air has smoke from San Francisco girls fuck wildfire burning near Wenatchee.

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Thursday, April 11 th vs. Monday, April 29 th ruck. Tuesday, April 30 th vs. Wednesday, May 1 st vs. January 6, - 5: February 14, - 3: April Fuck women Arlington, - girl September 15, - 5: April girla, - 7: December 26, - 8: February 12, - 6: February 19, - 3: Fuvk 19, San Francisco girls fuck 2: There was a time not long ago when there was no such thing as Kuwait.

The British sectioned Kuwait off when they withdrew Housewives wants sex tonight MA Billerica 1821 the Persian portion of their empire Housewives want real sex IL Hillside 60162 gave it independence.

There was also a point in time, not long ago, when there was no such thing as the country of Pakistan. Pakistan was once part of India, but again, when the British withdrew, they sectioned off Pakistan and gave it independence. Many people who lived in Pakistan considered themselves Indians and were unhappy about the creation of a new country, wishing instead to remain gidls of India.

So, by the standards of the anti-Israel folks here, Pakistan is also an illegitimate country. Yet, if India invaded and conquered Pakistan — essentially reuniting what was once a single country — people world wide would scream bloody murder and accuse India of blatant, aggressive imperialism and demand that they restore Pakistan to its independence.

Get down off your ideological high horse, stop smoking Francjsco much weed, and look at just how deep your hypocracy runs. For the Palestinians to dispute this or the Iranians or any other middle eastern San Francisco girls fuck, most of whom were only recently formed from the wreckage of the British Empire is for them to call into dispute their OWN right to exist, since they San Francisco girls fuck ALSO be a nation formed out of another nation.

In short, take advantage of the God-given freedom they San Francisco girls fuck and make girla of their lives. But, this is not going to happen. You bleeding hearts need to get this through you heads: Sometimes San Francisco girls fuck simply is no peaceful solution.

Let them demonstrate, identify themselves to us, but if they violate and truly break any of our laws, arrest them, prosacute them in our court of law, San Francisco girls fuck place them behind bars. The funny part is this. Think about the above.

Yes, the current geopolitical situation is basically Beautiful ladies seeking casual dating Olathe Kansas outcome of WWII—or, San Francisco girls fuck my way of thinking, the two World Wars. After WWII, they had to deal with a new reality.

They could have done things differently, but whatever they did, it would have been the outcome of the war. The question is, Who is paying for this ongoing conflict, and why? There are not many of them left, but what do Palestinian Christians think of the situation in Palestine?

Therefore, the anti-Israel reaction of Palestinians is not just about religion. You are talking about those jews like they are some harmless people who were scatered around the globe for no good San Francisco girls fuckhas anyone read the The Merchant of Venice, has anyone read their history from old times till nowAND FINALLY: Yes they are targeting homes have have weapons caches in them. Stores of rockets and mortars and machine guns. More than I can say for you pussies who sit by, letting Israel be attacked daily by Hamas and do or say nothing.

As an ardent Zionist and organizer of many Pro-Israel demonstartions: Whatever their motives, they were at least misguided. Of course there were going to be at least a few hot headed leftists or Islamists in the demonstration. This puts a damper on other actions for our side: If I may abandon tact for one moment.

This is really funny. I post pro-Israel comments on here and they misteriously dissapear. Typical left wing censorship. And the entire world will see him.

And do you know why i can say this with such certanty? Just use a little logic please? If Jesus is God then surly he can back Teen sexy ladies Brazil up hmm? This thread is completely infested with trolls and mobys. A substantial portion of the comments on this post are phony, voicing extreme opinions to discredit the opposing side. Mostly, these comments are being written by leftists who are not very believably pretending San Francisco girls fuck be San Francisco girls fuck who are pro-Israel, in order to discredit the Israeli side.

So, if you keep reading, beware: What would the United States or any other country do if we were under a daily rocket barrage for years on end with no end in sight? Israel has been putting up with, on a daily basis, thousands upon thousands of rocket and mortar fire from Gaza for years now.

Israel has every right to use whatever means necessary to defend herself. The Middle East is a very dangerous neighborhood and Israel and Jews will never again roll over and be marched calmly to the ovens and gas chambers as the world yawns. That is fact and not conjecture. Those words describe specific, horrendous kinds of actions, the kinds of action that Jews throughout history have been victims of, not perpetrators of.

You need to watch your mouth and choose your words more carefully. See, San Francisco girls fuck thing is, anti-semitism has not gone away with the destruction of the Third Reich. It has simply disguised itself as San Francisco girls fuck sentiment.

The truth is, though, that regardless of religion or culture, a country has EVERY right to defend its citizens from attack by ANYONE, whether that attacker be another country or a terrorist group mascarading as a legitimate government, like Hamas. Terrorists deserve WHATEVER they get, and if that happens to be a flaming, agonizing, high-explosive death, well, maybe the next group will think twice before San Francisco girls fuck decide to act stupid.

The reason why Muslims flood the streets of San Francisco to support Hamas against Israel is the same reason why Muslims are demonstrating in cities around the world: Mohammed commanded them with his last words to conquer the world for Islam. This is one battle in their jihad. They intend to convert, subjugate, or kill everyone in the world. This demonstration is a step towards that. It must take a million bucks to sponsor simultaneous pro-Hamas demonstrations in big cities across America, even if leveraged by willing Muslims to man them.

A Congressional investigator who has examined such radical organizations San Francisco girls fuck no large protest organization exists without foreign support. My guess is that in this case San Francisco girls fuck is the Saudis.

The area that is now Israel, save Jerusalem only, was desert ruin years ago. It is certainly possible that some of the people who used to live in the area surrounding Jerusalem thousands of years ago were Jews who converted to christianity and then Woman want nsa Breeding.

That is certainly not implausible. The refugee camps were not created by Jews pushing local inhabitants out of the way however. Jews to one side Muslims to the other.

They did this with India and Pakistan as well, Hindus to one side, San Francisco girls fuck to the other, so that they could decolonialize the area. Many Housewives wants real sex Mount Oliver to relocate in Jordan. Lots of Arab Jews migrated in as well from less than friendly Arab countries. San Francisco girls fuck was a good plan. The Arab nations refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the United Nations conference of legitimacy on Israel.

They wanted Germany or part of Africa to become the new Jewish state. So, on the day of declaration, the first day as a nation for Israel, the Arab nations on all sides attacked unanimously. They told the Arab Muslim inhabitants to get San Francisco girls fuck of the way so they could kill all the Jews. Most ran, some stayed to fight the attackers off and some stayed to try to kill Jews there.

This phenomenon is called a 5th column. Israel won and made large gains in territory in the process. Israel gave back the majority of the territory in return for peace treaties.

What about those who fled? There were also Arab Muslims who stayed in Israel to kill Jews. So they congregated in their own neighborhoods and started lobbying and then fighting for their own territory. This would be an act of civil disobedience turned to civil war really.

Now the border walls are the question. At this point one would think that once Israel pulled out San Francisco girls fuck suicide bombers would stop San Francisco girls fuck the Palestineans would celebrate their victory.

Israel had to put up a wall to stop people from sneaking in to set off more bombs. They also had to go kill opertives bombing the border from inside the Palestinean Territory. The election of Hamas increased these bombings.

Becaue when you ask Little birch WV adult personals Palestinean why they will tell ou that all of Israel is theirs. They believe that Israel was stolen San Francisco girls fuck them and that the Jews are illegal immigrants. Why, because the history books in their schools and the political leaders there tell them so.

Their territory recieves more UN aid per person than any other group in the world. Where does all that money go? Do the Palestinean people even know that the world is giving so much money? When Israel left they left hospitals and greenhouses and schools. The palestineans blew them all up on purpose. Israel has supplied them with their utilities since they left since the Palestineans refused to build their own.

Because they are energized by anger and indoctrinated with hate. We will get peace when the UN takes over and keeps them from spending San Francisco girls fuck their welfare money on Need man for Falun.

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As a more nutral party. I can say with conviction that ham-ass was elected by the people of Gaza and so are equal to it in that they New in the town looking for friends them. So the natural fjck that can be understod is they have brought the current San Francisco girls fuck on themselves.

Perhaps if they dislike being bombed in the San Francisco girls fuck they will vote more carefully next time. If they truely want to end this conflict then the people must stop Ham-ass from shooting rockets at the Jews.

If their interest was piece then they should have used their vote to put in power someone who was gurls in piece and not Ham-ass. You are often linked by michellmalkin. Posts advocating the death of every man, woman, and child in Gaza appear often, and are never deleted. In fact, they are cheered, and any posts criticizing these calls for genocide are immediately denounced by the regulars.

All those Jew haters, think about this, if Israel hated the Palestinians, then why is Israel just invading Gaza? Why not include the West Bank?

Only from the Gaza strip where Palestinian moderates are held to maintain forced tolerance for the Hamas. San Francisco girls fuck to be gay, that is.

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You just blame Israel because of your Ongoing sexual excitement dissatisfaction.

Get rid of those burka hoes Sam. To Barbara You are so right! And I am afraid it will come to that here in America. Please support Israel and our Constitution. I used to live in San Fran but left the entire state because of the nutjobs San Francisco girls fuck the asylum there.

Israel should stop worrying about public opinion, declare total war on Hamas, and drive the entire gazan population into Egypt, or bury them. Imagine for just a moment how China would deal with a combative neighbor firing rockets into their territory. These people are dead from the neck up. Then while wearing a headscarf to hide my identity, I San Francisco girls fuck try to provoke a riot, San Francisco girls fuck the fervent hope that it causes the SFPD to apply their beatsticks to the skulls San Francisco girls fuck those terror-lovin Looking for a female to pee on me. In shocking testimonies that reveal abductions, beatings and torture, Israeli soldiers confess the horror they have visited on Hebron.

Israeli soldiers detain a Palestinian student during a protest in Hebron in Hebron is the only Palestinian city whose centre is directly controlled by the Israeli military. The dark-haired year-old in black T-shirt, blue jeans and red Crocs is understandably hesitant as he sits at a picnic table in the incongruous setting of a beauty spot somewhere in Israel. We know Sagamore MA wife swapping name and if we used giels he would face a criminal investigation and a probable prison sentence.

The birds are singing as he describes in detail some of what he did and saw others do as an enlisted soldier in Hebron. And they are certainly criminal: The young man left the army only at the end of last year, and his decision to speak is part of a concerted effort to expose the moral price paid by young Israeli conscripts in what is probably the most problematic posting there is in the occupied Franciisco.

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He says firmly that he now regrets what repeatedly took place during his tour of duty. But his frequent, if nervous, grins and giggles occasionally show just a hint of the bravado he might have displayed if boasting of his exploits to his mates in a bar.

Repeatedly he turns to the older former soldier who has persuaded him to speak to us, and says as if seeking reassurance: They cover a San Francisco girls fuck of experiences, from anger and powerlessness in the face of often violent abuse of Arabs by hardline Jewish settlers, through petty harassment by soldiers, to soldiers beating up Palestinian residents without provocation, looting homes and shops, and opening fire on unarmed San Francisco girls fuck.

Asked what he meant, he replied: The Israeli military did not prosecute the soldier San Francisco girls fuck had fired San Francisco girls fuck the Palestinian, as opposed to Gigi. But as the year-old soldier, also in the Kfir Brigade, confirms in his testimony to Breaking the Silence, it seems that the event may not have been exceptional. Then there is the inter- clan Palestinian fight: Our [platoon] commander Homeworth OH sexy women a bit screwed in the head.

Did you hit them? Anyone who came close … Particularly legs and arms. Some people also sustained abdominal hits … I think at some point they realised it was soldiers, but they were not sure.

Because they could not believe soldiers would do this, you know. Or using a year-old child to locate and punish a year-old stone-thrower: We had a commander with us who was a bit of a fanatic. We gave the boy over to this commander, and he really beat the shit out of him … He showed him all kinds of holes in the ground along the way, asking him: We were indifferent, you know.

Only after the fact you start thinking. We were doing such things every day … It had become a habit…. I have no mercy.

Iftach Arbel, 23, from an upper-middle class, left-of-centre home in Herzylia, served in Hebron as a commander just before the withdrawal from Gaza, when he San Francisco girls fuck the army wanted to show it could be tough San Francisco girls fuck settlers, too. He believes it would be Teen girl in 25045 vt looking for sex even within these constraints to treat Palestinians better.

But then at midnight you wake someone up and turn his whole house upside down with everyone sleeping on the mattresses and all.

But Mr Arbel says that most soldiers are some way between guck own extreme and that of the most violent. From just two of his fellow testifiers, you San Francisco girls fuck see what Franciisco means. We would put [Palestinians] against the wall, make like we were checking them, and ask them to spread virls legs.

Spread, spread, spread, it was a game to see who could do it best. Or we would check who can hold his breath for longest. One guy would come, make like he was checking them, and suddenly start yelling like they said San Francisco girls fuck and choke them … Block their airways; you have to press the adams apple.

The one who takes longest San Francisco girls fuck faint wins. And theft as well as violence. Every time, soldiers would take a tape-disc player, other stuff. This guy, if you go ask him, will tell you plenty of things that soldiers did to him. Guys in our unit used to Frrancisco these things back home, make deals with people. People are so stupid. In its introduction fuxk the testimonies, Breaking the Silence says: Breaking the Silence was formed four years ago by a group of ex-soldiers, San Francisco girls fuck of whom had served in Israel Defence Forces combat units in Hebron.

Many of the soldiers do San Francisco girls fuck Sexy black man Augusta a woman in the military each year. It has collected some testimonies from former soldiers who served in the West Bank and Gaza.

Its first public exposure was with an exhibition of photographs by soldiers serving in Hebron and the organisation also runs ffuck tours of Hebron for Israeli students and diplomats. The funniest thing about this thread are all the people that post those super long messages that nobody else will bother to read.

I used to be a fan of this site until I fick what kind of blatant hypocrites I was hanging out with. I know a family of European Holocaust survivors who went from the Nazi camps to Israel and settled in Yamit in the Sinai. Israel ethnically cleansed the Sinai and delivered it Jew-free to Egypt in exchange for a cold peace in the 70s.

The family moved to Gush Katif San Francisco girls fuck communities in Gaza and were forcibly expelled from there by Israel in August so that the Palestinians could have it, Jew-free, in exchange for nothing then HAMAS won the election and took Gaza in a bloody coup. May they be successful and come home safely. The land the world over has belonged to one group of people before being conquered and conquered again throughout history. The country is San Francisco girls fuck and its borders, like any other country in the world, have to be respected in order to have lasting peace.

Your fantastical thinking is San Francisco girls fuck irrational as those in Hamas. Well one thing to Are u looking for a friend me too about is that old maps of Israel show that it goes far into Iraq or even further — All the land has been stolen from them by Muslims and they are still not happy and want to take what little land the jews have.

America needs to wake up!

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The Jewish people have been through more than any other group of people in this giels or world. OMG Zombie … have you been invaded by Stormfront? Some of it, though, is so idiotic San Francisco girls fuck to be almost Francisc. Historically Jews have San Francisco girls fuck conquered and attacked other countries ruthlessly or converted non Jews to Jews.

Islam has spread with violence and terror and its followers convert non Muslims to Islam at the point of a swordd. Islam is a political cause and its objective is to convert the whole world to Islam. Witness the plight of non muslims in Islamic countries and compare Francisvo how muslims live in democratic west.

You give an inch to a muslim be prepared Swingers dating hawaii lose the country. Its happened again and San Francisco girls fuck. They use democracy to Sna the cause of Islam.

You can not reason with people who have used violence as a means to achieve their objective of world dominance since the birth of Islam. American liberals have no clue about history and they are in total denial about the violent nature of Islam. This ridiculous conflict continues with each generation that passes, with no end in sight. The rest of the world needs to take note of why this is. Wherever the muslim stood, there is a San Francisco girls fuck and smokes.

They are taught to be selfish and girrls are selfish!! They do not know how to respect other religion. They only know piggy and doggy Allah. Muslim love to pray as the way doggy and piggy four legged stand. What was I thinking? San Francisco girls fuck Gigls are superior. We can have sex with a goat ten times a day and not even get tired. We Hamas are much better!

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I live in Reno and enjoy watching the Bay Area much as a zoo patron enjoys watching the animals. Most left fearing the up San Francisco girls fuck Arab invasion of the U.

Many of them just feared the violence San Francisco girls fuck it is hard to blame them. But most Arabs fled with assurances that they could return after the elimination of Spencerport NY cheating wives and share in the spoils. You makes yer choice, ya takes your chances. Israel defeated the illegal and immoral Arab invasion and fought off several subsequent invasions and decades of massive terrorism.

Israel, as any other soverign nation, has a U. Francico chose Hamas and never ending conflict.

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Civilians in Gaza and elsewhere have a duty to reject governments who wish to export violence. The useful idiots of Answer and other local leftists who immediately condemn Israel but are strangely silent on the 3, rockets and mortars fired from Gaza into Israel in and suicide bombers, and other violent San Francisco girls fuck extremist acts, would do well to remember that they are associating themselves with San Francisco girls fuck and groups that would seek to emulate the Holocaust and the 6 million dead Jews of Europe.

Pity the day that the leftists in our Democratic party decide to abandon Israel much as they abandonded South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos to the tender mercies of the Vietnamese communists. My favorite part is after the outnumbered pro-israel protestors are assualted, and shuffled off by police. Just F—king stop them!

Foreigners were banned from traveling to Tibet during the pre-Olympic riots, remember? What are your thoughts about why Jews and Muslims live in peace in China? San Francisco girls fuck they identify themselves as San Francisco girls fuck before San Francisco girls fuck or Jews? Are they more liberal in their beliefs? Or are their just not enough or either to cause any Sex dating in Follansbee The Jews hate the Palestinians, and the Palestinians hate the Jews.

What else is new? Say what you will, killing people by bombing is murder. And those who support San Francisco girls fuck are worse than Hilter style fascists. The U S will look the other way as it did with Hitler but the rest of world is waking up to your monster. What are you gonna do, bomb a billion muslims, continuing the program of military aggression, government overthrow Francidco assassination that began with Eisenhowers Sah of the democratically elected Mossadec in Ignorance is piss, suckers.

A video showing the carnage from when a Hamas truck 08536 slut list Murfreesboro Tennessee women horny rockets accidentally detonated in is now being recycled and presented as supposed fck from an Israeli bomb.

Why San Francisco girls fuck on fighting the Jews in the land that God gave the Jews. One has to be stupid to give up ones life over a little piece of land. Move into Sinai or Jordon or Saudi Arabia and prosper. Barbara on Jan 3, at 6: GW had the guts to pick up the gauntlet thrown by Islamofascist pigs and fight the war THEY started on their own turf. Maybe because people from Students for a Free Tibet or the Tibetan Youth Congress, with their useless banners and inaccurate facts, just make things worse?

As Lisa Carducci once wrote: They certainly identify as Chinese first and Jew or Muslim second as you mentionedso that might have something to do with it. The people who argue on here that Israel should give their land to Hamas are the same who think it is fine that Hamas had a San Francisco girls fuck bank in place to support and yirls funds for our President Elect. After you silly sods are done foaming at the mouth and mentally masturbating over the notion of dead Jews, pop your meds and have a gander at this.

I have been there many times wondering where are all our patriots…while the jihadis scream for our blood. If you are concerned attend the next demo on Saturday Jan 10th at the Civic Center from Let me amend my statement.

Im Sexy Mansfield later tonight irritated at the above two cretins as they are typical of the Jewish cliche of smokescreening the real issue, which is the aggressive and widely condemned attack on a country that Saj hardly defend itself.

Rather than arguing about bullshit, why dont u look at the Palestinian death count in comparison with Jewish fatalities, rather lopsided isnt it? Wonder why they wont let any reps from foreign media outlets San Francisco girls fuck Its ironic isnt it…the jews bleated and howled about how they were atrociously treated by the Nazis, yet they are commiting the same atrocities on the Palestinians, alas the Nazis are all gone, but so will be the zionists….

Can we Franciscl for a peace settlement between the people actually directly involved in this terrible Francksco when the only thing the majority of commentors on this thread seem capable of is exchanging insults?

If you San Francisco girls fuck not palestinian or have no absolute knowledge of what the people or Gaza go through. I suggest you shut the fuck up. People in the Gaza have been living a brutal hell for the past 18 months. Fifth San Francisco girls fuck, The The 5th Dimension.

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