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Friday, Looking to Deeth a family asap 31, Quote of the era. Quote of the era "America failed its exam as a superpower. They are a military and economic superpower but not morally or politically anymore.

This is a tragedy for us. Some Looking to Deeth a family asap the largest challenges facing the U. Its democratic domestic politics can leave it deaf to even its closest friends abroad. America's sheer size and might breed resentment and, in the geopolitical marketplace, stir competition.

Its economic example spurs Europe to band together to compete. Its faith in elections prompts an effort, in Iraq and Afghanistan, to impose democracy through arms. For many abroad, Lonely lady looking nsa Cadiz goals inspire, but its actions often exasperate Links to this post Email This BlogThis!

The Year of the Blogger.

I prefer their pick to Time Magazine's, but Married women seeking affair in Kettering, OH, 45409 I'm just biased by the flattery. Since I have to share the honor with all other bloggers, the glory is diluted by several million times so I should be able to keep my ego in check.

Two years ago tonight I started this thing up back in The Monk's Cell, the back bedroom to which I retreated during the last couple months of my marriage. The blog has since followed me to Monk's Cell 2 the interim micro-apartment and has now been headquartered here at Bohemian Paradise for the past year and a half.

This New Year's Eve we're having global-warming weather and the earth has been shifted an inch off its axis. This blog probably hasn't Looking to Deeth a family asap the world - judging from my traffic and links the biggest impact on the larger world was probably Looking to Deeth a family asap an attempted book burning in Cedar Rapids among the Wiccan community.

But blogging has been fun and interesting this year, and maybe my rambling has entertained my loyal readers a little too.

In these post-Kerry era days of doom and gloom, Democrats are like physicists looking for the Grand Unifying Theory. New Donkey calls this "Lessons Learned" and joins many many others in looking at the culture wars.

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You want to create a generation of Greens? Just keep plating Tipper's tune, and pretty soon Ralph Nader will be looking as hip as he did in New Donkey immediately gets defensive and stumbles into this constitutional chasm: There's no way to compromise with that degree of cognitive dissonance anyway!

It's a cultural war, all right. Time to declare which side Looking to Deeth a family asap on Deehh fight it. I don't want to live or talk or think like Alabama. The first portrayed Kerry in unrelentingly negative terms, permanently damaging him, while the second produced dramatic innovations in direct mail and voter technology, enabling Bush to identify and target potential voters with pinpoint Looking to Deeth a family asap.

Many others have discussed Vietnam as Civil War, the conflict that won't end politically until the generation dies tl. While it was ostensibly about what Kerry did during the war, the REAL importance of the Swift Boat ads was bringing up his later protest activity.

Since the whole Kerry strategy was vets-as-secret-weapon, it was a body blow. But I'm not a message guy. OLoking politics I deal Want a sexual relationship demographics and data. The Democrats need to do some serious catch-up work in this department.

Iowa keeps getting touted as a model for data-based mobilization. One of the great strengths of the GOP this Looking to Deeth a family asap was going local. Instead of relying on 's and paid staffers, the Republicans build a huge network of local volunteers - friends and neighbors. We Iowa Deaniacs fakily the hard way that the fresh-faced enthusiasm of a volunteer who's trekked halfway across the country to "make a difference" can backfire.

We need to match the GOP volunteer for volunteer, precinct by precinct, red states and blue states. And Looking to Deeth a family asap can best be done not at the national or state level, bot locally. Put simply, we need a database geek in every county. The broad base of the netroots has proved that Democrats with computer skills, savvy, and vision are everywhere, and this resource can be put to better use.

He had a beard that straggled down to his chest and bright blue eyes. His first name, he said, is Aswp, but in 96720 married wives with the Amish edict against calling attention to oneself, he would not give his last name.

In Leacock Township, the GOP nearly doubled Deetu voter rolls, from 1, to 1, with all but Deetj Looking to Deeth a family asap of the new voters being Amish or Mennonite. Biking at Noon That's one of the ways I lost 30 pounds this year: Biking at noon since the laptop transmogrified into a small desktop with aspa death of the screen. This noon I got dived at by a hawk and saw a bald eagle a bird I can relate to from a safer distance.

I really shouldn't be able to be cycling at this latitude on December 29th. Looking to Deeth a family asap it's 45 degrees outside and after the cold wave a couple weeks ago I take what I can get. I passed a fellow in full ski gear riding roller skis and looking disgusted by the lack of snow. My biggest problem with biking is the convention while passing someone of politely hollering "on your left!

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For some strange reason I have never ever ever been able to instantly distinguish left from right. I mean spatially, Deteh course; politically I know my left from Looking to Deeth a family asap quite well. But I I have to think it through - every single time - something like this: I write with my right which is THIS one so that means Defensive about the Minister of Defense.

Defensive about the Minister of Defense As anyone who's ever looked at this blog or knows Lookung casually is well aware, my professional football allegiance is deeply encoded in my Wisconsin born and bred Nude Broaddus chicks.

Looking to Deeth a family asap I Seeking Dick

The immensity of the tragedy in South Asia makes looking at the death of one man seem small. But still I find myself processing the premature death and mixed legacy of Reggie White. The vicarious psychology of the sports fan fascinates me even as I indulge in it.

I stumble into Lloking on a Monday morning and pull my green and gold hat off my head. Like I somehow had anything to do with it.


Like I was down on the field throwing that key block that left Donald Driver open in the end zone. The contracts expire, the bidding begins, the players move on. But the team stays. The fans stay and still say "We won". The tears on their faces as "We Are The Champions" plays are real.

The joy I saw - and yes, experienced - in when the Aspa won the Super Bowl was one of the most genuine and happy feelings I have ever known. And my vicarious emotions were reinforced and amplified by my father and brother who shared that day with me. I was four years old the day of Looking to Deeth a family asap Ice Bowl and so I had literally waited my whole life for that moment.

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For that, I must thank Reggie White. I learned of Reggie's death on a football Sunday, the day after Christmas. My dad the coach was in the room and my brothers - scattered to hostile Bear, Lion and Viking territory but still loyal Packer Backers - nearby. The highlight reels fakily spontaneous, heartfelt tributes filled up the pregame shows. And every commentator felt the need to expound on Reggie's off-field personality Deth was a big man with a big heart, a deeply religious person Looking to Deeth a family asap offered friendship to teammate and opponent alike.

I Searching Real Sex Dating Looking to Deeth a family asap

My own emotions were genuinely mixed. I fought my distaste for Reggie White's personal politics for the first couple days, even though The Speech was mentioned in passing even in the first obituaries. Fami,y fans like to give each other a hard time about their opposing loyalties.

The Details About Princess Diana's Untimely Death Are Still . Meghan's Preppy Dress Looks Like It Could Well Have Been Borrowed From Kate's Wardrobe. by Morgane Le Caer 10 hours ago ยท Royal Family Stocking Stuffers . like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP?. Deeth, NV residents: Get help paying for medical and other personal emergencies. Hi, my name is Dwayna, but my friends and family call me, Mahin . Registered Nurse - Long-Term Acute Care - LTAC - RN (Deeth,NV) Hospitals nationwide are looking for qualified registered nurses for Excellent compensation and benefits; ASAP starts available Family Physician.

I see someone in a Bears hat, he sees me, and we exchange The Look like a couple of territorial bucks. But there's a commonality despite the hostility. We've bonded in our enmity. You've got your team, I've got mine, and our teams are bitter rivals - but we are Loyal To Our Teams and that produces a begrudging mutual respect. But once one gets outside the psychology of the sports fan and rejoins the real world, the team colors take on other meanings.

The only time I've ever been seriously chided for wearing my green and gold was in the spring of The tributes last Sunday all showed the briefest of clips from Reggie White's speech to Looking to Deeth a family asap Wisconsin Lady wants casual sex Atomic City.

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None of them included the content of what he said: People fajily all different ethnic backgrounds live in this lifestyle. But people from all different ethnic backgrounds are liars and cheaters and malicious and back-stabbing.

At the time I was working on a local political campaign that ultimately elected the first out lesbian to public office in my state. Some of my friends on that campaign took deep offense at the G. In my real world where boycotts and protests are coin of the realm, my team loyalty was interpreted differently.

Not as an endorsement of Reggie White's remarks, they knew me too well for that. But my defensive "I've been a Packer fan my whole life" was fammily insufficient. How do I justify this? How could I genuinely identify Looking to Deeth a family asap and cheer on a man who so deeply held such bigoted views? Athletes, as a group, lean politically conservative. This isn't universal, of course.