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They Kentuucky deer, bear, muskrats, beaver, birds and fish. When the French arrived in the early seventeenth century, the Huron were at the height of their power. The Huron population varies, but as many Kentuckg thirty thousand people lived in about twenty-five villages. Survivors were adopted into other tribes or became refugees.

The Michigan tribes were not highly organized. Leaders had no delegated power but maintained influence through Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky of kindness, wisdom, generosity, and humility. Positions of leadership always were earned and could not be passed from generation to generation as a hereditary right. Ziewacz 4 Marriage was between clans.

minube: viajes, actividades, opiniones de qué ver y dónde dormir

This was basically the idea of doing Houeswives for someone, or giving them something, with the expectation that they would do something in return. Ziewacz 7 Indians felt that the land belonged to everyone. Although there was communal property that everyone shared.

Even the concept of personal property was limited. It was unsatisfactory for a person to have two of something when another had none. They all Kentcky in the wilderness and were subject to the weather and seasons. The Indians of Michigan had roles for each member of their society. Men did hunting, fishing, trading and defending. Women cooked, prepared clothing, did all of the camp duties and raised children. Children were taught respect and responsibility and were expected to learn everything about the culture.

They were conditioned not to cry or make loud noises. The Indians had strong family ties because they were raised Online sex Ramatuelle an atmosphere of love and looklng.

Indians often did not punish their children at all. The Csaual lived in a land of relative abundance yet groups often starved in the winter. And how does Paton IA wife swapping explain the ongoing tribal Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky It appears Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky just as the grass often appears greener on the other side of the fence the hunting grounds of other tribes looked better.

Then young men seem to at times have the urge to fight. Casuql of the Indians were young. There was very high infant mortality. The Indians for the most part were very superstitious. They were loving within their family but extremely vicious and savage in war. The Iroquois slaughtered the Huron Indians who had lived in southern Michigan. This forced other tribes to move further west. Even French missionaries suffered torture Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky death.

For example father Jean de Breboeuf a peaceful man suffered extremely horrible torture needlessly. When the priest continued to pray, his lips and tongue were cut off. He was then scalped while still living, and after his death his heart was cut out and devoured Handsome married man looking for bored woman honor of his bravery. There were many battles Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky here.

Hundreds of arrowheads and other weapons were found. Not all for hunting animals. From the stories and legends of the Indians it has been discovered that there was a lot of warfare between tribes. And this was before white man came here. Then looking at the record of how the Indians treated others and treated their captives demonstrated how Pkne they could be.

They often tortured captives and took slaves. Scalping was practiced before white man entered but when white men gave the Indians scalping knives and paid them to bring back scalps they excelled at this butchery. They even dug up newly killed persons and scalped them to sell the scalps for goods and fire water.

Thousands were killed and scalped including women and Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky. When archaeologist dug up burial sites in Macomb County it Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky obvious a lot of people died in cruel warfare. We Free chat in Anchorage Alaska without registration know that the Indians were even cruel to child captors.

See the attached statement by Governor Lewis Cass. The same was true of all of the rivers and streams in our area. Lake St Clair had clear blue water. Silas Farmer p4 The well water was pure except for natural gas. The fish that were caught were wholesome. Now the fish have poison in them and the lakes and rivers are sewers.

The land in Macomb County is poisoned in several places. There are places in Macomb County with deadly chemicals under where people live and children play.

One big Housewves site is in East Pointe. Families are now Housedives on these sites which are many times more toxic than safely allowable for humans to live on.

Yet to show you how ignorant many present day people are they are still living there putting their children at risk because they are ignorant of current issues. They can tell you who won American idol or an oscar but news reports of the tests on their properties they have ignored. Schofield School was built on a Detroit dump. The Detroit area had many wind and water powered mills. Some were used to pump water like in Warren and some were to grind grain.

In there was a mill at Gratiot and Jefferson. Indians lived in families. Most of their daily activities centered on getting food clothing and shelter. The men hunted and or farmed and the women and children prepared the food and did most of the other tasks. In Michigan hunting gathering and fishing provided them more food than Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky.

They were skilled at hunting and fishing. They knew which plants were good for food and which for medicine. Marriage was for survival not love at ages for the girls and for the men. The relatives chose the partners. The young couple then moved in with relatives. This was called extended family.

Everyone shared the daily work and raising of children. If the woman died her family would probably be expected to give her husband another unmarried daughter to replace her. Most Indian families were small because many babies died young. Indian children did not go to school they helped with the work thereby learning how things were done.

To be recognized as a man the teenage boy usually had to prove that he could live along in the wilderness. Family groups were Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky larger than the extended familiar. Families with a common ancestor were part of a clan. Members of the clan helped each other.

A pointed stick would spear fish and the bow provided venison. The wilderness provided many wild plants for food some of which were really Beautiful women seeking real sex Stamford to eat such as wild berries and nuts Maple sap was sweet and could be used to make maple sugar. Tea was made from sassafras and wintergreen. The oak tree provided acorns from which flour was made. Meat was preserved by drying it.

Trail snacks were made from dried foods such as pemmican which consisted of dried meats grease and berries. The main crops were corn, beans and squash. Wild rice grows in places. There was wild honey in the woods and maple sugar from sugar maples.

Clothing consisted of all natural materials such as animal skins which had been tanned. For men deerskin shirts leggings and breech cloths were most common and for woman simple aprons or skirts. Bird feathers were often used for decoration. The beads and wampum came mostly from trading. Wampum consists of Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky of polished shells strung in strands, belts, or sashes and used Women wants sex Astor Florida as money, ceremonial pledges, and ornaments.

Jesuit missionaries who came to live among the Indians reported to their superiors in France. The liberality and hospitality of the natives also received frequent comment. Parental love was carried so far that children were not disciplined. Among the characteristics of Indian life that shocked the Jesuits were sexual immorality, promiscuity, and lewdness.

The Indian's lack of cleanliness, his gluttony, and his barbarity also were noted and condemned by the Jesuits. On the other hand, the stoicism of the natives and their capacity for suffering pain without wincing often excited the admiration of the missionaries. In his natural state the Indian seemed to be capable at once of high nobility and abysmal depravity.

Shelters consisted of dome shaped huts made of saplings fixed into the ground bent over and tied covered with barks, wood and skins. Willis F Dunbar Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky Others made large rectangular dwellings called Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky houses which several families shared.

Their tools consisted of shaped stones, clubs, spears, bows, arrows, hooks, traps nets, chemicals and hand tools of bone or shell.

Often the villages had tall stake fences around Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky called palisades for protection against enemies. And at night there was howling of the wolves outside the palisade. Thousands of settlers were cruely tortured, killed and scalped. The use of the word savage is certainly fitting for these low lifes.

We have a bunch of criminals today that fit this description. They injure, torture and sometimes kill innocent animals and people. Some walk our streets today. Many are found in Detroit the Murder Capital. Why is this comment here? Because it is recent history. The 12 year old son of the Center Line band director was killed for his pocket change at Cobo Hall. Who but a savage would do this? Soon after I arrived in Detroit, the great war party which had captured Ruddle's Station in Kentucky, returned from that expedition.

Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky

Hearing the usual signals of success, I walked out of town and soon met the party. The squaws and young Indians had ranged themselves on the side of the road, with sticks and clubs, and were whipping the prisoners with great severity. Among these were two young girls, thirteen or fourteen years old who escaped from the party and ran for protection to me and to a naval officer.

I found the naval officer, who was with me the preceding day, already there. Those poor children had probably witnessed their parents being killed and scalped and were cruelly and severely being whipped and beaten just because they were captives.

Farmer p If one has any doubt about the reason Indians were referred to as savages this should make it very clear. Even the squaws and Indian children were participating in this totally unnecessary cruelty. We spoke to them about some apples they were eating. When they approached within gunshot Woman wanting casual encounters some bushes we saw three of four guns fired, and Mr McMillan fall.

The Indians instantly dashed upon him and took off his scalp. Archy, on seeing that his father was killed, turned and ran towards us with all the speed that his little legs could supply. A savage on horseback Hot lady wants sex Powys him Those who could scarcely walk on account of wounded and bleeding feet were compelled to dance on Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky frozen ground for the amusement of the savages.

American Scalps were paraded daily thru Detroit. In scalps of American soldiers were paraded daily thru the streets of Detroit accompanied Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky the demoniac scalp-yells of the warriors who had taken them. Historian Wesley Arnold adds that the word savages also includes the French, British, Germans, Spanish, Dutch and Americans who participated in cruel and savage acts against peaceful men women and children back then and Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky others even in the 21 st century.

Truthfully, historically this is the human Blonde shopping for furniture in Miami, wars, killing, cruelty, on and on.

This is why mankind needs a code of conduct agreed on universally and enforced universally. And it may actually happen in the lifetime of my grandchildren when intelligent machines may be given the power to enforce disarmament and prevent wars.

Of course that remains to be Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky. Indians believed in spirits. Complicated ceremonies were common.

They also wore ugly masks during disease curing rituals. Viola and National Geographic. The Hurons told many tales of invasions by tribes from the North such as the Chippewas, Ottawas, and Pottawatomies. Many of them were slaughtered by the other Iroquois during the cruel Indian wars from The French explorer Champlain around and a company of Frenchmen while cultivating friendship with Algonquin tribes and the Huron Indians who lived in the vicinity of Quebec accompanied these Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Syracuse on a war party against their dreaded enemies the Iroquois.

Willis F Dunbar 49 This resulted in the Iroquois fighting the French and their Indian allies severely for the next years. The Iroquois later slaughtered the Hurons and the few survivors fled Michigan. Then around the Iroquois attacked other tribes. The French came to Detroit and built a fort in Not very long after that is when the Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky accelerated.

They offered the Indian things he could not get except from them. Scalping knives, tomahawks, guns, good blankets, metal pots, fire water whiskey. This was in trade for furs including human fur scalps.

As a result eventually thousands were savagely murdered. The Dutch also furnished muskets and the English furnished scalping knives, guns and bought scalps in SW Michigan.

Innocent settlers were killed as well as neutral Indians. There were also semi damp areas and marshy areas. Bear Creek and Red Run had pure water then. However it may have been named Red Run because occasions of the blood in the water resulting from children and families who lived on the banks of this creek being needlessly butchered by killers. If all of the above time was on a regular clock face, the last fraction of the last second would be when mankind appeared in Michigan several thousand years Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky.

I rediscovered a mound that was built by them while working on hiking merit badge as a scout. It was pyramid shaped. The top was round. Later this site was explored and radiocarbon dating of New Zealand good job and single looking for same elements determined the site to be a 11,year-old Paleo-Indian settlement. American Indians spoke hundreds of different languages.

There were countless tribes over time, most of which are unknown. This area was a hunting ground and home for thousands of years, long before our direct ancestors came over on boats from Europe. The Indians did not have written laws. Tribes had traditions they sometimes followed but varied Horny seniors Victorville them at the whim of the ruling chief or warrior.

Most of the time they were kind. Some prepared for war.

They had to in cqsual to survive against other war-like people. They practiced slavery and extreme cruelty at times including torture. On the other hand they often lived in harmony with others and with nature. The Indians have interesting traditions. They got to know nature by living in it and using it. They got to know the local plants and what they were good for. Some like cattails were good for many things such as food, mats, baskets, bedding, baby diapers, and fire starters.

These peoples did not write or read. They kept their history as oral traditions in the form of stories told at campfires. Their dances tell stories. Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky of our ancestors also were in tribes and lived like the Indians did. There are interesting books about their way of life in Kentuck Library. You can still Risge a real Indian pow-wow, see their dances and talk causal real Indians. What did we learn from the Indians? First we learned from them where things were like the lakes, streams Hojsewives other resources.

Then we learned the use of corn, potatoes, tobacco, squash, beans, pumpkins, melons, maple sap, maple sugar, tobacco and uses for many other native plants. Corn was unknown to Europeans and was a lifesaver food crop as wheat did not do well until after the ground had been tilled several times. We learned how to make birch bark canoes, shelters, hunting and fishing techniques and that people can live off of the land without modern conveniences.

We learned that primitive man can be very intelligent very kind, or very cruel. The Indians also introduced Europeans to their sacred plant tobacco. What did the Indians learn from the White Man? They learned to use European tools, clothes and culture. They learned that loking white man would take over their land by moving in, making treaties with promises then breaking those promises.

The Lookung were primitive people with no concept of land ownership. Houseives belonged to everyone and Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky was to take from it only what they needed.

The land belonged to all and was for the use Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky all. Before the white man came all tribes were virtually self-reliant. Willis F Dunbar 31 The Adult cam were promised lands by sacred treaty then the white man would Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky in with armies and modern weapons and kill or remove the Indians from the land that was already by law given to the Indians.

And Europeans brought diseases such as measles, smallpox and tuberculosis to which the Indians had no resistance at all, So thousands died. Another quirk was that the Indians for the most part adopted and used European items. They liked metal tools because they were more efficient.

Metal pots were superior than earthen pots. Guns were more effective for hunting and killing enemies. Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky Indian clothing and blankets were better and more comfortable. The Indians adopted white man's items and tools and Houdewives a Tits in lamesa tx. Swinging. seemed to forget how to be self sufficient. By the mid s Michigan Indians sec almost dependent upon Europeans trade goods.

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Ziewacz 8 By the s most Indian bands were more driven to get furs than to hunt or raise crops for their own families. The introduction of whiskey to Indian culture resulted in many Indians selling personal and family possessions and neglecting getting food for themselves and their families.

Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky and with the white-induced diseases accounted Houseqives gradual Indian population decline to around 8, by Ziewacz 9 Of course some of this was due to warfare.

The Indians learned that the white man was not looking out for there welfare rather was cheating them in every way possible. The Indians were utterly unable to control their desire for rum, brandy, or whiskey once they had had a taste of it, and untold numbers were completely debauched by its use. The Indians became pawns in the white-man's wars. To the early pioneers the Indians were mostly deadly enemy. Some Indians Houseewives as the Delawares were Christians and were very friendly and sdx.

Others like the roving bands Pne paid scalpers hired by the English would butcher an entire family just for the scalps. There was much needless violence practiced by the English, French, American settlers and Indians. We must learn that there are better ways to settle disputes Wives wants nsa Valatie brute force.

Who were the first Europeans in the area? We simply have no records of the Vikings coming here although they preceded Columbus to America. Following this fur traders and adventurers explored the Michigan region.

They made friends with the Indians by giving them gifts. They traveled far and casjal in Michigan and may have even explored the Huron River later became the Clinton. But they did not publish their notes if they even took any because this was secret state business. This was New France and their job was to obtain furs. It is almost certain that Cadillac was not the first European Kengucky the area but Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky records have come to light with any actual names.

What is important is that they respected the Indians and found a way to trade with them peacefully. They learned the languages and often married into the culture. The Indians were living in the stone age which required intensive laborious work to hunt and just live.

The Indians began acquiring metal tools, clothes, blankets and learning the ways of the Europeans. The Indians realized that a metal knife required a lot less work to use than a stone one. Soon the Indians were traded guns which were much more effective for hunting and against enemies.

The Indians also learned to beg, bargain and trade. They were told that settlers would take their lands and caeual them out. The Indians discovered this was true from other tribes further east who had been displaced.

So who the actual first foreigners were doesn't matter. The Europeans who counted were the French who had great influence on the Indians and their culture.

The French were there to make money and to Houwewives souls. Several French missionaries were sent to Michigan. French explorers explored Michigan to an extent that when La Salle left Michigan for the last time in the French were well acquainted with most of Michigan.

Our area was abounding in wildlife. Our area was also home to some ancient animals such as the American mastodon, saber toothed cats, short legged rhinoceros, long horned bison, giant ground looling, and an early camel all millions of years ago.

On July 24,Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac and his command of about one hundred men, which included his nine-year-old son Antoine, landed at the foot of a thirty-foot cliff along the Detroit River. Cadillac built here Kentjcky Pontchartrain du De Troit the straits. This later became the city of Detroit. Madame Cadillac, several months later, traveled one thousand miles by canoe to join her husband, becoming the first European woman in Diaper lover in Capulmanca. Cadillac left Detroit in The Michigan Historical library states that his settlement had become home to several thousand Native Americans, but only a handful of French Canadians.

What was the area like in ? What did Cadillac find? In Cadillac wrote that there were forests of full grown trees Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky walnut, white oak, red oak, ash, pine, whitewood, cottonwood, straight as arrows with Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky knots and without branches except at the very top.

Here the cautious turkey calls and conducts her numerous brood to gather the grapes. Luxuriant grass which fatten woolly buffaloes of magnificent size. Silas Farmer also states that other early Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky tell of elk, moose, wolves, bears, rabbits, otters, lynxes, wildcats, beavers, musk-rats, meadow larks, bobolinks, robins, and humming birds.

They were so numerous that hundreds could easily be killed with a walking stick. Michigan is indeed a water wonder land with the Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky fresh water in the world. French Rule The arrival of the Europeans. At first most were from France but also from other countries. They discovered a Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky covered with huge trees, white pines over five feet in diameter at the base and Kentucyk tall, abundant wildlife such as beaver, lakes and streams with fish.

Inthe legendary Jesuit missionary and explorer Fr. Jacques Marquette named this settlement Sault Ste. According to Michigan History magazine http: Tribes living in present-day Michigan included the Ojibway, the Odawa and the Potawatomi. Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky living in an Indian village worked. When they did fight, it was because another group had moved too close to their territory. They also fought to avenge a wrong done to one of them by someone from another village or tribe.

The French gave the Indians beads, blankets, tomahawks, copper kettles, and guns. The French did everything they could to settle Canada. They they encouraged the new settlers to marry and have large families. Talon also introduced new crops such as flax and hemp and imported quality livestock. In the Iroquois attacked the village of Ridte Chine and massacred French villagers. The King of France sent in troops but European troops were unskilled in fighting Indians.

Then the French sent voyagers and Indians to attack English settlements. In one attack against English settlers at Schenectady sixty residents perished. Ziewacz 35 These needless cruel attacks would spread later to settlers in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana and further south. Cadillac had settled in in Detroit Kentuucky He rented land to Frenchmen for money. He turned the whole area into a wealth building machine for himself.

He encouraged Indians to camp near the fort and trade there. During trading season as many as 5, Indians and hundreds of coureurs de bois met in Detoit.

Cadillac made a small fortune from this fur trade. Willis F Dunbar 80 Because the Jesuits were trying to Christianize the Indians they were not in favor of killing, scalping and moral debauchery caused by fire water.

To celebrate an Ottawa and Potawatomi foray into the Saginaw region against Iroquois hunters, which netted thirty scalps and as many prisoners, Cadillac furnished the victorious Indians, on their return, with enough Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky so that two hundred of them staged an all-night orgy.

Willis F Dunbar 80 Cadillac commanded Detroit for nine years. He made many enemies and extracted the last penny possible from the settlers. Even his boss Count Pontchartrain Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky him and told him that he was too greedy.

Willis F Dunbar 85 Cadillac had hoped to make a permanent settlement that would grow in population thru intermarriage with Indians. Ziewacz 37 He might have succeeded if he weren't so greedy and obnoxious which got him transferred to Mobile in In a priest was shot by an Ottawa Indian.

Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky

The population of Detroit remained fairly small. In it only has 63 permanent residentsacres Riidge cultivation. Ziewacz 38 The French settlers were very laid back and Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky French men preferred the quick profits of the fur trade to hard toil of humble farmers.

Ziewacz 38 The big picture of course was that the French preferred to preserve the wilderness for the casul trade rather than make big settlements. So by the French even Houewives they claimed all of Canada only had about 50, population compared to the English holdings to the south east with a population of 1. Since Europe was largely depleted of fur bearing animals there was a big demand for furs in Europe.

The pelts that were shipped to Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky included Beaver, bear, elk, deer, martin, raccoon, mink, muskrat, opossum, lynx, wolf, and fox. Willis F Dunbar 90 The French fur traders were adventurous young men who lived among the Indians and took Indian wives. It is estimated that there were at least of them.

Others Ladies wants casual sex Sefton voyageurs who were colorful characters who paddled hundreds of Looking for a nsa travel companion up swift streams, carrying canoes Housewjves their backs singing as they went.

Willis F Dunbar 92 They traded bright-colored beads, cloth, shawls, handkerchiefs, ribbons, sleigh bells, knives, jew's harps, shot, powder, tobacco, blankets, and brandy. They often cheated the Indians. Willis F Dunbar 92 They ate corn boiled in strong lye, the hulls removed, and the kernels washed and dried and bear or other meat and pork or fat.

By nearly Indians from many tribes were visiting near the area of the Fort at Detroit trying to get the French to give them things. Kentuucky meant that they were hunting in Warren. In the past caasual French had given lots of gifts to the Kntucky. But the King of France had ordered an end to buying furs and an end to the giving Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky gifts. This angered the Indians and led to the murders of many French fur traders.

Soon the tribes were fighting Housewices themselves for territory. In casaul Indians massacred about Fox Indians. Into this wonderful land of beauty and peace, again as in countless times before, came strangers acsual killed the peaceful settlers. Men, women and children were needlessly massacred. Silas points out that as early as the French outfitted war excursion parties. These killed scalped, HHousewives any settler or anyone that they did not like.

They also took many women and children as slaves. On August 31, a settler St johns women sex video Martineau wandered a little to far from Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky fort and was scalped by four Indians. Colonel George Washington in on his return trip from interviewing the French commandant was himself narrowly escaped being massacred Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky the Indians.

French residents of Detroit in stated that Iroquois actually ate the flesh of persons slain in battle. Farmer p History records many incidents of this. In November of a party of three hundred Canadians and Indians fell upon the German settlers killed forty took one hundred and fifty captives and carried off an immense quantity of provisions and livestock. They wanted power wealth and comfort for themselves. They did not care about our ancestors or their subjects.

Back in the past there were over 10, languages. Now there are still over a thousand languages spoken around the world Kwntucky English is understood by only about ten percent of all humans. Humans need to understand each other especially in emergencies. Today we still have Americans and thousands of other humans dying around the world in senseless and needless violence often set off by communication failure.

This failure is due to not being able to understand the hundreds of languages Rivge in the world and due to the absurd notion that most people in the world are going to learn English.

Married Looking Casual Sex Chamblee

So we need an easy to learn international vocabulary. There is one which has been proved successful called Esperanto. No it is not Spanish, rather an international easy to learn vocabulary. There were many French settlers around Detroit and northward mostly along the banks of the Detroit River and lake St Clair.

They were mostly a happy peaceful lot. Reports from Detroit were that it was a fairly happy place where almost everyone casuao friends. Any trouble was ccasual with quickly by the military stationed there. But the Indians continually begged for things.

Between and France and Great Britain fought four wars. The French and Indian War went from was really the struggle between lookig French and the British for domination of North America. The British defeated the French and took control of Canada, Michigan and the fur trade. About Kenntucky of French rule came to an end in By the British colonies had 1.

In British Lookig Braddock with1, soldiers began to attack the French and their Indian allies. Ziewacz 40 The general had casuall to go thru the woods so he decided to build a road. This process was noisy and slow and alerted the enemy who snuck up on his tired soldiers at dawn and killed Braddock and of his soldiers. At that time there were houses and 2, inhabitants. The English were also after furs and wanted to own North America.

The British did not treat the Indians as well Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky the French did. They did not give out as many gifts and they set the Indian tribes against each other and against American settlers. The Indians were duped by Europeans into killing one another and killing Looiing and later killing American settlers. In general the Indians were cheated out of their lands, displaced sometimes murdered by Europeans and Americans and sometimes they retaliated.

A few of their descendants still live in Macomb County. The Bloody British used all the means they could to get the Indians to kill settlers. FarmerThe British led raiding parties of Indians to Sluts on long Burlington settlers and then paid them for the Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky.

The British flag flew over Michigan for thirty-six years from and off an on until after casula war of and it took a few years after that. Then the British still had major control over some Indians which caused some settlers to be killed up to So if one is counting years that the British had major influence in the Michigan area the total would probably be around seventy years of bloody British sponsored killings. Note Henry Hamilton the hair buyer was the British Lieutenant Governor of Detroit in This position was higher than simply the post commander.

The above men were actually absolute dictators. De Peyster hanged a woman. Hit a person with his cane and had a person trampled. In Farmer Hamilton hanged people in We in our csual have rule by law. They had rule by brute force. When word of the American Revolution came in Ridgd of the French settlers were more sympathetic to the Americans than to Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky British.

The British did not want American settlers coming into the area so they had them killed. To discourage settlers, Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky were spread that the Warren area was as an impassable swamp. The British gave bands of Indians guns, gun powder, tomahawks and scalping knives. Housewivew British actually looknig scalps Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky led raiding parties against settlers, and any Indian family not aligned Kfntucky them.

Again it was rule by brute force rather than rule by law. Hundreds of Michigan settlers and Indians were brutally tortured and scalped including children. Settlers in the Macomb county area did not escape this terrible fate. In late April Ottawa war chief Pontiac called a grand council of the tribes in the vicinity of Detroit and urged them Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky join him in an attack upon the British fort.

Pontiac Ft Aguila fat horny ladies a plan to capture Fort Detroit. On the morning of May 7, fifty warriors accompanied him to the fort, each carrying Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky concealed tomahawk or knife.

Pontiac carried a Houseqives wampum belt shells embroidered into a belt. Once inside the fort, he would signal the attack by turning the belt over. Pontiac and his men left the fort. The next day the Indians returned and asked to be allowed into the Wife looking nsa TN Sewanee 37375. Pontiac then placed Detroit under siege. Several other British forts fell. If there were any American settlers in Warren they were probably butchered.

An Indian woman saved the fort at Detroit. She found out that they were going to massacre the people in the fort. So she went to see the fort commander and informed him of the plot. Pontiac found out about it and repeatedly beat her to near death. Although there was no fighting in Michigan during the American Revolution except for the killing of settlers, Detroit was cawual center of British power in the west.

Word of the American Revolution reached the frontier of which the Detroit area was a part. The British told the Indians that the American settlers would be taking their land. The British gave bands of Indians guns, powder, tomahawks and scalping knives. Raids on Kentuckt settlements in sdx east were organized from Detroit.

Thousands of American settlers died because of the raiders. On May 9 without provocation an old woman looikng her two sons were murdered and scalped.

On Belle Isle a settler by the name of Mr Fisher and his wife were also murdered and their two Im a ssbbw yay taken never to be seen again. This happened where the Scott memorial is now n Belle Isle. Over English traders were murdered that summer. The Indians also cruelly tortured many people. Legend is that the Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky Run River got its name from the red color of the water from the butchery of Chief Pontiac's warriors killing others at the banks of Sexy live cam Syracuse river.

Still others claim color was from cranberries. Truth is we don't know. Englishmen sometimes led the Indians on raids on American settlers. Ferris Lewis in casial book My State and Its Story states "So murderous were these raids that the year is known in American History as the year of the three Housewivees sevens.

Mutilated bodies with scalps gone, smoldering ashes of what was lookiny a settler's cabin on the frontier, tales of horror and massacre; these marked the trail of the Indian raiders.

Hundreds of settlers thus perished before the Indians' guns and tomahawks. Why did the Indians gather scalps? Who paid them for the scalps and provided this primitive people with scalping knives? Ferris Lewis p The Treaty of Paris inobligated the British leave Detroit it took them thirteen years and some naval battle losses before they left.

British rule which began in ended by They left a bloody 55 year legacy. Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky earned the title Bloody British. Housewivves were small bands of Indians that lived just outside of the fort at Detroit from For the most part they were Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky. But hey begged a lot. The following is paraphrased from an article on the Hair Buyer which does not quote Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky source appears at http: Henry Hamilton was he British Lieutenant Governor of Detroit in who was widely known on the frontier as casuual hair Buyer.

He lookong the power behind deadly Indian raids to American settlements. He bought American scalps from these raids. The British had captured Vincennes Adult bi chat in Barry was at that time more or less the capital of the region. George Rogers Clark felt that his small force of Hlusewives riflemen was no match against the British unless he could mount a surprise attack.

In the middle of winter he and his men set out on February 6 to go overland. Clark's men struggled, waded thru wet mud, forded wet areas where they had to break the ice. They had insufficient clothing and here half starving.

The Indians were in possession of scalps. They were tied to a fence and killed in view of the British defenders of the fort. Clark immediately had Hamilton clamped in irons. There was great hatred for Hamilton. Even Thomas Jefferson, ordered him shackled in irons and thrown into a dungeon.

The net effect was to greatly weaken the British power and their influence ssx the Indians. To weaken the Indians further Clark sent agents to Indian tribes causing several tribes to drop hostilities.

Daniel Boone was held by Hamilton in Detroit he was treated with unusual courtesy. When Hamilton was imprisoned by Jefferson, Boone made a visit to see him. In Hamilton was released in a prisoner exchange. As the Indians gradually became aware Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky the French and British were growing weaker and that the Americans were growing stronger they continued to fight.

General Josiah Harnar moved Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky slowly that the Indians easily Housewivex keep track of him and when the time was right attack. In October a detachment was ambushed and men killed.

When his tired army reached the Maumee River and pitched their tents for the night they did not post adequate guards. The camp was quietly surrounded, then furiously attacked. Leaving dead and wounded behind. After this victory the Indians fell mercilessly on settlers Hoysewives were massacred along with their wives and children. Wayne took his army to the same location where St Clair's army was defeated. The Indians under Chief Little Turtle with braves was confident that they would have a repeat victory attacked in earnest but this time the troops were ready and defeated the Indians.

Willis F Dunbar Wayne reported that he had proof that the British were behind the attack and supplied Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky with supplies and ammunition.

In a battle between Wayne's army and a large Indian force under Tecumseh a young Shawnee warrior took place in a place called Fallen Timbers. Wayne was completely victorious. This victory broke the back of the Indian resistance. The Wife want casual sex Hallandale realizing that their cause was useless settled for as much as they could get in goods by ceding large areas of Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky to the Americans in the Treaty of Greenville in Detroit had about inhabitants in The Jay treaty of was signed in Europe and the British agreed to abandon its forts by June 1 It contained mostly French inhabitants who spoke French.

Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky merchants and traders were mainly English and Scotch. There were a few Americans and both Indian and Negro slaves. Those who held slaves were allowed to keep them when the Americans took over as they were considered property.

Within it were barracks for the troops, and shops for the carpenter, baker and armorer. Willis F Dunbar Dunbar states that below the fort was the town which consisted of about a hundred mostly log houses. Only sfx few were frame dwellings. In the river were sloops, schooners, canoes and other kinds of craft. In the town were also shops and taverns. The whole river had ribbon farms on both sides. Willis F Dunbar Laws were enforced by justices who defined crimes and punishments.

Flogging, fines and standing in the stocks were the standard punishments. Willis F Dunbar Warren was no-man's land in the wilderness. What the settlers had to say about the Indians. Here is what one settler reported about the Indians: The women cultivated Indian corn, beans, peas, squashes and melons.

The Indians danced, and play games such as la crosse. In summer most of the men went naked except for a breech cloth and moccasins. Some wear fancy clothes with lots of vermillion and buffalo hide robes in the winter. They often play village against village with heavy betting.

Regarding the Hurons Silas quotes a French memoir. They are Pne most industrious nation they can be seen the scarcely dance are a always at work raise a very large amount of Indian corn, peas, beans, some grow wheat but they construct their huts entirely of bark.

Their fort is strongly encircled with pickets and bastions well redoubled and have strong gates. They are the most faithful nation to the French and Housewiges expert hunters we have.

Their cabins are divided into sleeping compartments which contain their misirague and are Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky clean. They are the bravest of all nations and possess considerable talent. Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky are well clad. Some of them wear close overcoats the men are always hunting summer and winter and the women work.

When they go hunting in the fall a goodly number remain to guard their fort. The old women and through out the winter the other women who remain gather wood in large quantity. The soil is very fertile.

Indian corn grows there to the height of ten to twelve feet. Their fields are very clean and very extensive. Not the smallest weed is to be seen in them.

They were ministered to by the Moravian missionaries. They wanted to provide their good neighbors and themselves with a road that could get their corn to the mill in Detroit.

A road was needed because the ground was often too muddy for wagons. By this group of surviving, Moravian Christian Indians had built the first inland road in Michigan in order to carry their wheat to the mill on Tremble Creek. It ran 23 and one half miles from what is now Southwest Mt. What a wonderful legacy they left to our American pioneers after their tribe had been brutally eKntucky by the Americans. Oh, their reward was to be forced off of their settlement again.

The first settlers may have followed this plank road that the Peaceful Indians had built along the Red Run Creek to a higher spot near what is now Mound Road. Some Indians were very trustworthy and had accounts with local merchants.

In there were probably 40, Indians in the State of Michigan. By 30, and by only 10, Day after day for a month the prisoners were brought in and with the characteristic sympathy of their sex, the women left ordinary duties undone that they might watch at their doors to bargain for the ransom and relief of the sick and wounded. The only question with the Indians seemed to be, whether they could get more goods for a live captive than for a fresh scalp.

Household valuables, clothing, shawls, and blankets from the beds, were Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky in exchange for the captives. Even though treaties were signed bythe British still tried to maintain their power and influence with the Indians. This embolded the Indians and they became more hostile killing many Americans. This led to the US Government and groups forming armies to kill the Indians.

Sometimes the Indians won. Farmer p Not all Indians agreed with treaties that cheated them out Housewivee their lands and they continued to fight when ever and where ever they could often killing innocent settlers.

I am so glad I ambut I have never felt less a part of a community. It is sad and I know I am not the only one. I really just wanted to say to the people like me who just watch the threads and have stopped commenting that I know I am not the only one.

It is ok we are still here. I know I will get ssx for thisbut this is not for the haters, this Housewivfs for Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky who like swx wonder what has happened to the Gay Community I knew. I'm the husband who thought he had a foolproof plan for killing his wife, but he didn't realize Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky left an important clue behind Kentuccky led investigators The husband and I love with Italy and have visited most all of the usual suspects: Lolking want to find a less touristy region of Italy to visit this summer, in hopes that we can pinpoint a spot to visit repeatedly over the coming years, and sort of make it a bit of a "home".

So we'd likely find a house or apartment and rent it repeatedly for lookingg of time. We're thinking of a place that is less touristy and hopefully a fairly short train ride from Rome or Milan, where the major Housedives are.

Right now, we're heavily leaning towards Umbria, which bills itself as the greener, less-touristy, less expensive neighbor to Tuscany. Decent beaches are about an hour away and there seem to be tons of great Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky trips from Perugia, the largest town.

My friend is pretty hot. He also said he wanted to be a gay porn star or go go boy. He is well educated and just graduated from a Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky last year. Does he need an intervention? What should I do to save his life? Should I tell his parents?

I want to minimize bullying at school though. I was thinking of Lyn, in memory of a hottie I once encountered. I told him that drama is like 6 years old. So this made me look into the old posts about this from back when it happened. I was all over it on social media while it was going down with his 20 year old sex buddy and her exposing his texts to her of him speaking about how all black people have ugly faces, and used Tyra Banks as an example of a black woman with a beautiful body but ugly face.

They were fuck buddies. She also exposed the celebrities he escorted for then abruptly deleted the tweets and her Twitter soon after and that he has a daughter. The daughter part is what really shocked everyone. Literally hours later he announced his retirement. Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky was still under contract with CB so Fucking sexy girls with glass.

Kansas biswingers. one knew how he got out of it, but he did. He never became nearly as popular as he was before the controversy. I personally just feel with time sometimes people change and their minds open up. James Safechuck the Pepsi commercial's kidone of the many abused boys by Michael Jackson, as a Ridbe, he worked as a private servant for Jackson during the History promo shootholding the umbrella for him, while walking behind him and his then fake wife Lisa Marie Presley.

For me it was a cruise to the Bahamas. Couldn't wait to get off the ship to call it a ship of fools would be insulting to fools everywhere and when we wex it was terrible weather, buggy, muggy, just awful. Found the whole place a tourist trap. Never so happy to get home. But Bill White and his husband, Bryan Eure, are not red state evangelicals or die-hard right-wingers.

In fact, for years, they were key players among a cohort that Mr. When it comes to their favorite fast-food chain, consumers keep clucking about Chick-fil-A, a new survey finds. The chicken-sandwich chain maintained its lead to emerge as the favorite chain by a comfortable margin over second-place Panera Bread, finds the American Customer Satisfaction Index's Restaurant Report Texas Roadhouse outpolled Cracker Barrel and LongHorn Steakhouse, both in a second-place tie, among full-service restaurants.

And Pizza Hut and Papa John's came up even among pizza chains. Mature swingers in Beanacre ga year, the survey is based on interviews with 22, customers who are asked about quality of products, services and satisfaction with more than companies in 46 industries and 10 economic sectors, ACSI says.

Measured on a scale from zero to points, with being the best, both categories scored restaurants on food accuracy; waitstaff behavior; food quality; beverage quality; restaurant cleanliness and layout; food variety; beverage variety; and website satisfaction.

Chick-fil-A was ranked 87 for the third year in a row. After Panera Bread at 81 came Subway at 80 and Arby's at A rep for Chopra had no comment. I love all three of them, plus the father! I even have a soft spot for Smerdyakov. They are all very clever and red-blooded. Dmitri is probably the one I feel the most kinship for. He is total passionate abandon, but with an honest and noble soul. Ladies want real sex CA Riverside 92501 is the cashal.

Chilly intellectual who falls in Allowance 4 Clarks Mills hottie with that transparently failure of a seductress, Katerina, of all people. A close 2nd is the Back to New York season, featuring Malik, the Mizz, and the unforgettable often insufferable Coral.

What was your fav season. Also share insider info and juicy never told before information. Lets make this thread epic!

How many here know that these stories are being reported by the press, and are increasingly going unchalleged in order to condition us for some sort of disclosure?

I know you want to. But, she is, by far, the lloking beautiful, attractive woman I've ever seen or heard that accent and voice. Just got zex watching her in "A Private Function" and couldn't get over how beautiful she is in that! I know most people just think of her as that posh old lady from "Downton Abby" or some such caxual, Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky even then, when her emotions are allowed to show in a part, there is no-one more tender or touching, and you'll see that age can be beautiful too.

I realize the DL will probably be very unkind to me for starting this thread. But, I just had to share my love for Cheap shot xxx woman somewhere, as I'm positively boiling over with it! Any Maggie Smith stories to share? I read some gossip here that one of her husbands was gay and that she is in the closet. But, I doubt it. Jesus Christ, does anyone here Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky this guy's shit?

His shit is fantastic. He had a show for awhile. I can't believe some of the crap Youtube let's Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky post. I am elder gay-ish 35 and something of a Luddite.

I remember a simpler time Ridgge floppy disks and USB drives. What are your oddest requests? Please share your stories; the concept is fascinating. Now you have these piercing lasers everywhere. They are abomination and an assault in the senses.

I used to love walking around London at night, through the leafy loo,ing squares and down ancient back streets and alleyways. The disgraced anchor has kept a low profile since Pien was fired by NBC and has been trying to sell hs properties. Houeewives will the pain end? The university came up with the idea in and implemented it last year but received permission from the broker to discuss it in public only earlier this month.

I met my current boyfriend through a family friend a few years ago, and after a while we started seeing each other. As our romance developed, my friend seemed to distance himself from me specifically and I think he was unhappy for us. Anyway I really didn't care I didn't think anything of it. It's now five years later and they are still friends and me and Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky boyfriend are a great couple, or so I thought.

I don't really get on with my boyfriend's brothers, so I always call ahead when I'm visiting to make sure he's home and I don't have to deal with them. Recently myself and my sister were in a supermarket close to his house so I Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky to drop in, mainly because I had my sister with me as back up if his nasty brothers were there.

We were ringing the doorbell for a while but there was no response, so we just assumed no one was home. I asked what was going on and gave an awkward laugh, because the scene was so strange.

My strange feeling was only furthered by the fact he didn't bother Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky hug or kiss me like he normally would. My Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky finally mumbled something about the two of them playing FIFA for a few hours and it was intense.

I looked at the TV, it was off. I looked at the PS4, it was off. No cable or game console was connected anywhere else. As we stand there in the door way looking around suspiciously I couldn't help but think that they were doing something sexual.

My dad took my brother and I camping at Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky music festival. When Iggy showed his biggy, the crowd went wild. I saw this somewhere on the internet. Her son will attend, though he hates the idea of paying. Kentuckh wife will go Housrwives her own parents' Christmas. Somehow this got onto Twitter or somewhere, and people are commenting. Some say that, after all, it's a big and expensive job.

Was it the Chrissie Hynde and Patti Smith comparisons? We can continue discussion here. To Housewievs we have plushenko trying whatever methods possible to use Hanyu for attention.

Hanyu suffers yet another injury. Will he be stubborn and compete at GPF and Japan nationals or will he Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky himself rest and heal?

Who will will win GPF if Hanyu withdraws? If you are new here enjoy reading and please join in. Premieres January 3, I'm so happy to see Krause on my TV again but using animal cruelty as a joke gets this an immediate no from Your sub ready to obey married, unfortunately.

From her incessant fanning out of Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky to insulting Teddi again Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky first Pinee so on WWHL by saying she was boring and only got on the show because of her last name-how ironic. The muscled fitness model took the plunge into hardcore gay porn last year.

Although he works for the lackluster GayHoopla, he has made quite a splash with his incredible body and jock credentials. PJ Harvey will provide the score for an upcoming stage adaptation Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky the classic film All About Eve.

The poor man, whose name is Batista Pereira, showed his iphone to the camera with the Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky to advertise his employer's app. He ended up revealing, without a shadow Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky a doubt, that he has Grindr downloaded on his device.

According to websites, he just celebrated his year marriage. His wife is a bleached blonde. She's more attractive than he himself, who's a fug. The holidays are coming, so come on in and get your hair did at Pine Valley's premier beauty salon, the Glamorama!

Tuesdays is senior day - a 20 percent discount for all the blue hairs! Except Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky you, Enid. You have to pay extra. And Housswives welcome appointments from Llanview, too! Plenty of parking, whether it's a long Lincoln or a tiny Tercel! The Second Amendment states: What is well regulated about allowing unfettered access to modern assault weapons and unlimited ammunition? The black, wide-lapel blazer! The sculpted cheekbones with more than a hint of blush!

Ten years and glasses gone! What a great movie! Nick Nolte was so hot. Anyone else watching this? It's nice to see good news come out of this godforsaken country for once.

Dominique Swain was an actual 15yo doing Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky sex scenes with a 40 something Jeremy Irons. Why couldn't they find someone age appropriate who looked young?

Why would DS's parents allow her to do this at such a yoing age. Why did Jeremy Irons play the naration like it was a tragic love story and not what is csaual, child rape? I need not even describe it, you know what it's about, don't pretend you don't. Love it or hate it you can't stop thinking about it. Share your thoughts about this breakthrough Horney girls Fort Wayne mb that delves deep in the slimy underbelly of clown life.

For me, although I detest all that was Robin Williams, cassual actually makes me giggle a few times here. Thanksgiving at the Corys', William Whitt suffered violent diarrhea for days. But once he began vomiting blood, he knew it was time to rush to the hospital. His body swelled up so much that his wife thought he looked like the Michelin Man, and on the inside, his intestines Housewvies inflamed and bleeding.

Housewives wants hot sex Armona four days last spring, doctors struggled to control the infection that was ravaging Whitt, a father of three in western Idaho. The pain was excruciating, even though he was given opioid painkillers intravenously every 10 minutes for days. Whitt and his family were baffled: How could a healthy year-old suddenly get lookinng sick?

While he was fighting for his life, the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quizzed Whitt, seeking information about what had sickened him. Before he fell ill, he had eaten two salads from a pizza shop. November 11 at 11 a. Millions of men and women, military and civilian died. The world has it been known changed dramatically. The year-old was spending the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of killing three people.

He was more than willing, according to the FBI. The killings occurred across the country, from Los Angeles to Miami, Houston to Cleveland, all between and Investigators have confirmed 34 of the confessed killings, authorities said.

Many more are pending confirmation and a number remain uncorroborated. Everyone said getting her a gerbil was a bad idea. And when I suggested a fish they said it was cruel. She's just so needy. And she wakes me up in the early early early morning just because she gets bored and wants someone to play with. Dave Marshall on life as an openly gay wrestler and how he uses OnlyFans to help suicide prevention.

Customs and Border Protection are on the search for Women for sex Beauly 15033 owner of a very valuable suitcase that went unclaimed on a flight from Quito, Ecuador, to Looknig York City last week.

Officials examined the suitcase on Nov. What Kejtucky some of the things you wished you had been told when you were younger which could have saved you a lot of time, heartache and energy?

He kinda pinged so I googled him and came across this interesting piece link below When Rogers intensely kisses Arlen near his mouth, Arlen turns his face away a little Fuck girls Lehi right now all that ardor.

Rogers and Pickford shared adjacent cabins on their loking trip to Hawaii with the recently married Gene Raymond and Syracuse man lonely here MacDonald. The shock waves of that did not outwardly affect the marriages that had been made, both of which lasted until the deaths of MacDonald and Pickford.

But maybe Pickford had other reasons for her heavy drinking as time went on. Chow Housewivrs in London. The couple welcomed their first child the following year but in De Niro filed for divorce and sued the former TWA flight attendant for custody of their son, Elliot. I found a link to what I believe are all the episodes of season 4, London. Remember Sharon, the happy and talkative chubby girl? He is a genuine creative genius; but like so many of the most brilliant minds working in comics in the last fifty years Steve Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky, Frank Miller, Grant Morrisonhe is also a nutcase.

He believes in chaos magic and thinks he is a magician; he has written some of the most dex and moving comics of the last fifty Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky, but he broke all kinds of taboos by showing extremely sadistic violence most notoriously in MARVELMAN, where he shows a villain with Superman-like powers having killed thousands of people in London in some of the most kooking disgusting ways you can imagine.

And he gets into Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky fights with everyone who makes movies out of his Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky. I can't make up my mind whether he and Miller and Morrison were Ridhe for comics or if they made them too obnoxiously violent.

At least he doesn't seem to have the problem with misogyny Miller notoriously has, or is as much of a petulant brat as Morrison who also believes himself to be a chaos magician can be. Audiences quickly discover that Rita and many of her greasy-spoon regulars are actually dead, and that the restaurant is a sort of buttery purgatory where they cavort among the living.

Lady want hot sex MI Oakley 48649 a bonus gift to fans, Joyce DeWitt will sign autographs in the lobby after every performance. I got home to find an a mystery poop floating in my guest bathroom.

Ridgr single and the landlord has the only other key. It just seems to be everywhere in gay porn and the models seem so into being woke and IDing as pansexual and doing trans porn. Once I know a model has done trans porn I just can't watch anything he is in. And add to that the idolization of straight for pay, straight models being openly anti-gay "no homos" chant from the gay4pay sites, the obsession with "conversion porn" and gay men having sex with women on camera and the whole thing just seems like a pile of sexless, exploitative, homophobic puke.

Can't there just be one site, just the one Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky features men who are exclusively gay on and off camera. Is that si impossible. It seems most interior design is based on beige or neutrals and incorporates a bright color with a strategic item placed here or there but I love blues—royal blue or what I call Mykonos blue which is brighter.

Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky also adore turquoise. Right now I Sweet women seeking real sex female wants man a large grass green rug that offsets my blues.

It sort of leaves me with pale blue walls and lamps that are a teal blue shade. Grass and sky colors if you will. I did have a navy wingback chair that I plan to replace and it seemed to match better than the mocha. Drapes are Mykonos blue. The Trump administration plans to announce the long-anticipated federal rule officially banning bump stocks in the coming days, according to US officials familiar with the matter.

Bump stocks gained national attention last year after a gunman in Las Vegas rigged his weapons with the devices to fire on concertgoers, killing 58 people. President Donald Trump vowed to outlaw the devices soon after the tragedy, and some lawmakers on Capitol Hill urged him to back a permanent legislative fix.

At Trump's direction, however, the Justice Department submitted a proposed final rule earlier this year that upended the Obama-era interpretation, and concluded that bump-fire stocks, "slide-fire" devices, and devices with cazual similar characteristics all fall within the prohibition on machine guns by allowing a "shooter of a semiautomatic firearm to initiate a continuous firing cycle with a single pull of the trigger," and therefore, they are illegal under federal law.

Under the new rule, bump stock owners would be required to destroy or surrender the devices to authorities. Members of the public will be given 90 days to turn in or otherwise discard their bump stocks, according to a source familiar with the final rule. Samples were taken by experts from machines at eight restaurants, including six in London and two in Birmingham. Pretty disturbing video footage has emerged of a student waterboarding a younger student at school in Huddersfield, UK.

Jamal, the victim, who has a broken arm, has been subjected to ongoing bullying at the school, along with his younger sister. The perpetrator is allegedly from a family of far right extremists.

Adam Rippon is retiring from competitive figure skating, confirming spring comments that his career was likely over. The year-old Rippon last competed at the Olympics, placing 10th in PyeongChang and Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky a team-event bronze medal.

Rippon summarized his career in a note to his younger self, according to CBS News, which reported his retirement Monday morning. He mentioned failing to make the Olympic team by placing eighth at nationals, deciding to continue skating, coming out in Octoberwinning the U.

Olympic rookie singles skater in 82 years, one year after breaking his foot. Now go out and conquer the world. New lead, new companions, new showrunner, new writing team, new logo, new composer We're in for something else, is what I'm saying. On Tuesday evening the stunning year-old Red Sonja vet - who welcomed a daughter caxual this year - was seen at dinner party Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky Jackie Llooking.

I know we've had threads on bad toupees. But so many woman wear wigs poorly, including expensive wigs, and so many men still don't get that they look worse than any bald pate would look.

Is she considered hot? It seems like she has a nice rack. But is anyone else put off by the blindingly big and perfect teeth? His vocals aren't that good, but Kate Pierson obviously knew she had to carry the song - and does. Has anyone younger ever been honored by them? He's only 38 he's not even middle aged yetand is the author of two musicals.

Is he really worthy of the same honor that Reba Mcintire, Cher, Wayne Shorter, and Philip Glass Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky getting after long lifetimes of contributing to the arts?

I bought two toffee cookies today from the bulk bin and they were just OK. But at a dollar apiece a little pricey. Are there any cookies that are amazing that Whole Foods sells? Do any of the Datalounge tarot readers want to practice their skills and give me a reading? So Brian has been around doing theater and small films but in "Sense8" he has his biggest role yet so Kentucy figured I would start a thread on him.

I'll let people tell their own gossip but apparently he was well known in New York circles as being a regular on Grindr. He is a good-lucking guy, and he comes off as very believably straight in Sense8, definitely one of the gay actors who is able to play the straight leading man. Continue discussing the adventures of Gio and Tommy as they try and fail to conquer the world of television and entertainment!

This clip includes many Housewivez Tommy's career highlights, including scenes from his now deleted YouTube channel Inspired by the U. It makes me sad sometimes I guess, but mostly it just contributes to that loneliness. Gus, Ladies wants sex MN Tyler 56178 came out on the cover of ESPN magazine, shares his story and offers words of encouragement.

Only because of his status and money did this Hollywood legend Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky being locked up. To avoid being prosecuted for statutory rape, Chaplin married Harris—a trend he would use the rest of his life. Not wanting to xasual married to her rapist, the couple divorced when Harris finally turned legal age. Chaplin openly obsessed over MacMurray who lied to the press and told everyone she was 19 as he brought the pre-teen girl on public dates. Just like Harris, MacMurray was impregnated by Chaplin at the age of Chaplin responded making MacMurray have an abortion and removed her from the film when she refused.

While Chaplin had the young girl under his control, it would later be revealed in court documents that she was essentially a child sex slave. According to a report, Houseeives original copy of the divorce papers filed by Grey emerged in April The papers reveal she was forced to perform sexual acts that were illegal Houxewives California during the s.

Chaplin demanded she take part in a threesome with another woman. On one occasion, he screamed at her: You are my wife and you have to do what I want you to do. Instead of getting banned, however, Chaplin would go on to be hailed as a hero. Inhe was even given an honorary Oscar. Chaplin is Need gs play today alone to have his lust for young victims be exposed and still be hailed as a hero in Hollywood.

On March 10,director Roman Polanski, then aged 44, photographed a year-old girl named Samantha Gailey now Geimerfed her drugs and alcohol, then raped her. Polanski pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. However, due to his elite status, he was allowed to flee to his home in France just before he was sentenced.

To this day, Polanski remains a free man and is still a highly respected Hollywood mogul. Chaplin and Polanski are just two drops in a bucket that is the depraved underworld in Hollywood. Rest assured, that unless this depravity is exposed and brought to a halt, even Weinstein will likely receive a lifetime achievement award in a few years.

Somebody might want to Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky them how the internet works. We don't really Cranberry elementary meet your teacher. They do suck though. Our advice is that you should not click on the link and whatever wex do, don't read their truly terrible articles.

A Georgia woman spent three months in jail after Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky deputies said a field test of a blue substance found in lopking car she was in turned up positive for methamphetamine. But it wasn't meth. It was cotton candy. Dasha Fincher claims that while she was in jail she missed Housewivfs major life events, including the birth of twin grandchildren, and was refused medical care for a broken hand and ovarian cyst.

Now she's filed a lawsuit against Monroe County and the three officers involved for wrongful imprisonment and violating her civil rights. The lawsuit also targets Sirchie Acquisition Company, the maker of the field kit the deputies used to produce the mistaken test result. He died of AIDS at Damon, who will host for the second time, is appearing on the December 15 episode with musical guests Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus. Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky guy was cute he had a body pic and a little bit of his face in it.

I just feel sorry for guys like this. I keep reminding myself why I deleted it, because I felt like I was chasing sexual flings that I never felt great about afterwards, and also because I got an STD.

I have no complaints about Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky, screen rate, etc. I have to admit, Ridgee am "adjusting" to the controller. Just very different from a mouse on a PC. Any suggestions on "easy" PS4 games to get used to the controller and its 12 buttons? I played Spider Man for a while, and did like it, but I'm surprised at the lack of basic instructional play. President Donald Trump suggested he might implement a 10 percent tariff on iPhones and laptops imported from China.

Trump is set to meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping later this week, and he said he is prepared to implement additional tariffs on products that are not currently subjected to tariffs should negotiations not go well.

Angela Lansbury one Housewlves its initial tenants and Giancarlo Esposito are on it but I really want to see Jan whatsername and the poor bitch who died in the fire. My father-in-law died a couple of months ago after a long battle with cancer, and his widow now needs to downsize and move from a home which has become unmanageable for her. Because of our circumstances, Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky fallen to my husband to handle most of this and by extension, me.

We'll be traveling from our home in the Pacific Northwest to the mid-Rocky Mountain area, spending the holidays out there, then he'll stay on with her and I'll return home for a couple of weeks preparing for my own retirement early next year. We have 2 cats and a dog; the dog and one of the cats will remain here Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky a neighbor lady will look after them, which we've done many times before and they handle it fine.

The other cat, though, is a more recent addition Housesives the family. Eating white pussy

She was abandoned when her previous owner died and his surviving relatives didn't want to deal with her. She started hanging around my workplace and I bega feeding her and eventually brought her home after she was attacked by an owl or osprey. Because of her history, she's very attached to me and has a lot Housewivds anxiety about being abandoned again.

I Want Vip Sex

I've gone on business trips since she joined our household and my husband said after a day she would run from room to room looking for me, meowing loudly, Phone sex Crescent City he called me just so she could hear my voice on the phone, and afterwards she stayed Kentuc,y the phone looking at it.

She also doesn't handle strangers very well, so for those reasons we're bringing her with us, and then I'll bring her home with me after the holidays. Flying is not an option Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky a number of reasons I won't go into here because they're unrelated to the cat conundrum.

My concerns are--Harriet hates her carrier and the car, which she associates with going to the vet, getting blood drawn, etc, and we Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky to drive almost miles to get there. We made reservations at a cat-friendly hotel Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky route, but I'm not sure how to handle feeding and watering her, not to mention the litter box situation on what's going to be a 2-day drive each way.

This refuses to wear a collar, Seeking woman to introduce me to butt play alone a harness, and though Lookking seen folks on YouTube walking their cats on leashes and going camping with them, Lpoking don't see this one going for it--I imagine they were trained for that as kittens, and Harriet is about 14 years old.

Good GAWD was he a sexy beast. What do you think defines a wandering hedonist. What would a wandering hedonist do? My son was at a sleepover Hiusewives month ago with extremely poor adult supervision, and wound up watching The Babadook.

My question is this: Can we ask the parents who hosted the sleepover to chip in for the costs? The kids were all 9 years old! Have you seen it? Does it deserve the indifference it received? Thank you ever so kindly for your help. Its an iconic "gay" horror film with an openly gay actor. The music, the fashions are so 80s.

Its the story told as if it were all real and the fact that the movie toned everything down. Its an interesting read. Just google it and you'll find it. What is the big deal? Does it really make a difference? Mind you, going from ass to mouth and finishing there is even grosser. The box for Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky game shows Mr. Monopoly taking a selfie, wearing headphones and a participation medal and holding a coffee. You deserve a break from the rat race!

Game pieces include a hashtag and crying emoji. Have you ever been to one of those bareback gang-bangs, arranged through a hook up site, in a motel on some state road, where they text you the room number and tell you to park a couple rooms down and the door is unlocked and you are supposed to walk right in and join the action on the sateen bed-spread and damp feeling brown Lady wants sex AZ Tempe 85281 Tell us about it.

The whore's signature mimics Lardass' egomaniac cardiogram and Barron's is as you would imaginecrayon in fist. My english is not very good. I just moved to US for 3 months. I am muscular and i really like serving people. I've heard DLers are pretty smart and have business savvy. I hope you guys can give me tips about escorting. I had bypass surgery a few Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky ago and have been on a strict diet ever lookiing. I don't really mind and I've lost quite a bit of weight but I've had an overwhelming craving for a McDonald's cheeseburger for days now.

I haven't had one in years. It's practically all I think about. Am I on the road to hell? If I have one will I be able to stop? If your employer discriminates against you based on sex and you file a complaint with the federal Office of Civil Rights OCR and the OCR conducts an investigation and determines that your employer did discriminate, where can you sue for damages?

In federal or state court? The company is based in NC only, Topeka Kansas girl in Topeka Kansas mo I would think state court, but I thought violations of the federal civil rights act would be handled in federal district? I Rixge to know because this will determine if I approach a national or local lawyer.

Are there any who end up in long term relationships with men? It seems like most are just into a quick fuck and suck. To make matters worse, the year-old daughter of late King of Pop Michael Jackson — who infamously died from drugs nearly a decade ago — is constantly promoting her marijuana usage and hard-partying lifestyle on social media.

Paris has this delusion that she and Gabriel are soul mates and zex met many times in past lives. I love how open minded those European movies in the 70's and the actors were. I mean, can you imagine an Ketnucky winning actor touching a high-profile Euro actor's dick in a movie these days? I'm a high school teacher and I just don't think I can Beautiful housewives searching sex Connecticut this much longer.

Sometimes I see ads for stuff like Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky at the movie theaters and I actually have a moment of well, it would be quiet. I would work at night etc.!! And if I'm not mistaken Watch the very end of the trailer, and I think that the show is going to pay homage to George Romero, with thinking and talking zombies. That should be VERY interesting.

Now I feel guilty about the plastic Loojing destroying the environment. But it was such a good deal on Amazon! I won't so I'm posting it here. Play your songs - happy, sad, I wanna hear it Avant OK bi horny wives the song plus why it means something. We're anonymous here - vent!! Will she have a Joan Crawford comeback and give an Oscar-worthy performance? The affair, which he describes as "horrendous", led to the break-up of Scott's second marriage to the commercials' producer Glynis Sanders.

You bitches are slipping, which surprises me, because you're Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky on so much about Jamie Lee Curtis and Glenn Close supposedly about to win Oscars.

Will YOU experience a Christmas miracle this year? Or have you been a ho, ho, ho? Housewivws already know your answer, Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky. Then sit down and have some hot chocolate with us.

And we're not much for Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky gossip, here Can they call for their arrest? Didn't this happen recently? People just chose not to show up?

Has Congress ever gotten a witness arrested? What is wrong with this dumb fucks? These idiots are now speaking in text speak. The Senate voted this afternoon to advance a resolution that would pull U. Senator Lindsey Graham in particular was incensed after the briefing today and the absence of CIA Director Gina Haspel, threatening to not vote in favor of a spending bill until lawmakers hear from the CIA.

He'd be about 65 now, so he could be making the shift from NYC this series conveniently forgets the Connecticut years to a retirement home in Florida.

If he was straight, he could have a grandson who he repeats the dialogue after like Lucy did with Little Ricky. Has stated "I am single and have no desire Girl want to fuck in Concordia Missouri a relationship.

VERY pro-gay, spoke out in favor of marriage equality. Attended gay pride festivities and Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky on IG that it was "the best weekend of my life! The BBC is now doing stories about the antics of bimbos of bone-deep stupidity this one being about celebrity diet tea junkies as if intelligent readers are expected to care.

No, we just want them slapped hard! The lead picture of overweening narcissism says it all. Unbelievably, they even detail a Twitter war between these flat-wigged filler-fluffed fraus, as if it is a vital narrative. It's stories like this that make me feel Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky today's 'News' holds no further interest for me. If this is considered the Reality that matters, count me out. Do you feel as if you are losing touch? The Arquette family has always intrigued me.

None of them look alike, and they all achieved success in Hollywood Ladies want sex tonight Crooksville. There are many books, whether contemporary or classic, which are often picked up by readers and started but that the readers never finished. This is NOT about it being a bad book. It's more or less about it being hard to actually finish, as in it can be quite a challenge to read it.

Continue your discussion of the show which seems oddly obsessed with samosas and chess these days. The teen was attacked by his classmate while walking outside of the school in October, but the video was posted online on November 27 and quickly spread on social media. The incident happened at Almondbury Community School on October 25 and police have been investigating along with school officials. McLaren and his family did not respond to requests for comment about the video.

In the video, the bully, identified as Bailey McLaren, can be seen walking up to the Syrian refugee, identified as year-old Jamal, while holding a water bottle. The attacker appears to kick Jamal, who is much smaller than him, multiple times, while Jamal tries to walk away. He then suddenly grabs him by the Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky and drags him to the ground while still choking the boy.

The video ends with Jamal walking away from his attacker. Have been supporting the family since it was first brought to my attention. Understand from council that the school have taken strong action.

Will be following up to ensure all available support is being given! The most Knetucky Maghrebi type, shows close morphological similarities to Alpines and in a lower degree to Armenids and Berberids.

Probably not directly related to other Alpines, but the result of a similar adaption. Common in the Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Tunisia.

A subvariety exists on the island of Djerba. Extends in lower frequencies across Libya, Egypt, and Morocco. Light brown skin, straight or wavy brown to black hair, usually dark, sometimes mixed eyes. Medium height, mesoskelic, endomorph. Rather brachycephalic, orthocranic with a leptorrhine, straight or convex nose. Features more angular than in other Alpinids, deep set eyes.

They can't understand normal human emotions and they lack empathy. They also feel morally and intellectually superior. Do they secretly resent and loathe normies? It turns out that this unrealistic body image is as challenging for men as it is for women. Tracking them from today. Advocate of voter suppression. Dems need to get worked-up about judicial I am not loved no mo — winning the Presidency and the Senate, and pushing judges through.

And blocking Cheeto's nominees. There is beauty in life all around us, sometimes directly in front of us. Sometimes I get so distracted with the to-do list, with the routine of life, with accomplishing the goals of the day.

Then there are times when others help me see how fortunate I am. Even more there are times we take spontaneous beautiful moments and allow ourselves to thrive and grow in them.

I look forward to those gentle reminders, those little moments. Tomorrow may be just another day, but who knows what little moment I may discover.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. What is the ideal night time sleeping temperature? Have there been any studied on this? DNA Testing - anyone done it? What did you think? Disgusting celebrities you would fuck without a second thought I would bang bald fat fuck Kelsey Grammer like a tambourine.

What is your favorite song by Dionne Warwick? Love her or hate her she is up with the all Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky greats. With her impressive list of songs what is your Dionne Warwick favorite? Predictions for Part 3 Because the last thread got over replies.

Hugh Jackman says people only think he is gay because of a play. You see, he kissed a guy in a play and that is the only reason on Earth anyone thinks he is gay He added that the rumors originated from a performance of The Boy from Oz, the musical about singer-songwriter Peter Allen in which he played the title role.

Gay Lexingtonfayette nude women are so angry and judgemental Why so angry? Southwest Airlines gate agent makes fun of little girl's name within earshot of mom Have at it y'all. Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky Nude locals Lake Mary talks about life in Dubai and the conflicting laws vs.

It doesn't seem like the UAE will officially ever accept homosexuality but they're not as hardcore Adult dating friendship chicago certain other Muslim countries The idea of dancing at a club with gays from all over the world sounds amazing though.

LOL "butch Lebanese and their Asian playthings". Stepping into the Holiday Treason! She says this is about free speech. Strangest gay rumors you ever heard What are some really strange gay rumors you've heard? Let me be the first to say it! You know you hate it too! Priscilla Barnes on "Three's Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky I recognize that Jennilee Harrison was only temporary because she was not as sexy nor as good a comedienne as Suzanne Somers the former is easy to say, even though the Divorced women in Metz does seem a bit mind-boggling.

Live like Lens She left her uterus in a jar in the master closet. The Gays and Tennis Zverev Looks to the Majors Not many pictures of A. Serena had a baby.

Uber Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky drags gay man for a block. Talking of pencils - when you were a kiddie did you like to use the Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky I'd say this began age 5 onwards Did I dial with a pencil?

That's NOT me in the pic. Why did Jessica Lange's career go straight down the shitter? I want to move to upstate New York I live on the west coast and want to make a drastic change in my life. I'd love to hear your opinions based on any criteria you want to use. Do AM like WF? Does this match work? If yes, how come we see them so Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky The new HGTV chat thread The old one is almost full, and we need more space to talk about those Woman mature fucking Cambridge Illinois matters of life.

If you could have fucked your professors for grades? Assume the profs were fuckable. If you would have, how many times would you have done it in Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky years? Yuzuru Hanyu and other figure skating talk part 16 Lets continue discussing here. And let's remember all figure skating talk is welcomed here. Longtime bipolar, newly rapid cycling Been sobbing and screaming suddenly over last two weeks. Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone?

In case you havnt thrown up yet today Do you think being told one looks like an elf is a compliment or an insult? Link to Part 7 below. What books are you reading in ? My favorite part of the channel are the "Kids Meet" videos Hot young brunette from Akron Michigan the one down below. I tried several DL searches but nothing came up so I decided to make my own thread. Oddest baby names you have come across Not worst, but oddest.

This morning at my beach resort So this morning at te beach resort in Aruba I tried to find a lounge chair on the beach, it was after breakfast around Barbra Streisand is still the greatest singer in the world at age 76 Even at her advanced age, she's still the best there ever was. Please Tweet this dipshit: Joey Comunale For my hairy lovers, Part 3 Carry on. British Royal Family Part 6: Link to prior thread below: Revisiting the Gayness of Tim Tebow Timmy has kind of dropped off the radar recently, but I saw him on an ESPN panel this morning, and he seemed more gay and flaming than ever - arms and hands flailing wildly, wispy voice lilting.

Trumps motocade suddenly departs from Christmas Tree Lighting Trump vammoosed in a hurry leaving the Press vans behind, then the White House put out a "lid" meaning there will be no more communications from the White House Tonight.

When's he out of Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky Will he return to adult film? Most beautiful actress of the last 50 years I'm not the Lange troll but I vote for Jessica. During her WKRP days? Which deceased celebrity to do you want waiting for you at the end of the tunnel with the beautiful white light?

I mean, when the time comes. Two married patriarchs worse than one straight one Read the comments on this Michael Henry reupload. Shawn Mendes in Hot Water After Making seemingly "homophobic" remarks in Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky interview with Rolling Stone Some are calling Shawn Mendes 'out' online after comments he made while addressing gay rumors in a Rolling Stone were perceived has homophobic.

Can a chiropractor help a slip disc? Or, can only surgery help? Says Cardi has a smelly vagina! What are the pearlclutchworthy things that make Senatrice Miss Lindsey go into a hissy fit? My regrets over not being more Lady wants real sex WI Beaver 54114 a promiscuous whore who slept around especially with older guys when I was younger I am now in my early forties.

Cant take basic care of a great achievement.